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Shiyou kitchen knife and cut his

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physical impact Tsonga received in the first five innings break point again after resolving the force Paul serve yet, so they do not achieve a break, re-entering the tense final set tiebreak victory, Tsonga was 6-5 to get the match point, but in his own serve timeshare could not be honored, the final Kam Kyu survived two match points 7-6 (7) win over the cut, Tsonga also completely missed the Finals.O nike air max 2013 running shoesther second-round match, Gasquet 7-5/6-7 (6) / 6-3 force the war Nishikori. Young runner-up last year, Rabinowitz 7-6 (3) / 6-3 out of Girardot. In the first round of the competition, Dimitrov 6-7 (5) / 6-3/6-3 reversed Llodra, Anderson 4-6/7-6 (0) / 2-1 lead when closing Youzhny out of the race to the ceremony, the second round will battle Federer,  Nepal 6-3/7-6 (6) win over Jarkko Nieminen, Ma Hu 7-6 (6) / 6-1 out more, replace out of the race Monfils played lucky loser Yar 6-4/2-6/6-4 Andover defeated  to advance to the second
round of the battle BerdychIs also evil. Positive and spice up their lives, help charity; evil, addicted to overspending, madness dizziness. Of course, the lottery itself is not evil attrib nike air max 2012 running shoesutes as a result of contact with different types of people, good and evil idea swerved maneuvers. A rural men Gambling 10 years 800 million, but who wants to commit a mentally; Kunshan man who spent 7,000 yuan to buy lottery tickets nothing, a moment of weakness drank pesticide; Chengdu, a man surnamed Wang will be the first to buy lottery tickets 400 million in the next day and bought another $ 500 would then begin "chaos", and that his friends are crucial, so you want to attempted suicide.Man Gambling 10 years 800 yuan, but guilty of psychosisFor Cliff, who lives in Pingliang Jingchuan Yaocun Taiping village women Hemou speaking, at 11:45 on October 15, 2013 is destined to be a like a nightmare at the moment. The father worked in the fields was Hemou, Hemou a man in the kitchen cooking. Mengmou husband in another house and live alone. Just make dinner Hemou when Mengmou suddenly rushed into the kitchen,
 picked up a kitchen knife on the chopping board cut over toward the Hemou body. Hemou caught off guard by Stabs back, when she instinctively blocked Shiyou kitchen knife and cut his hand in his right hand, causing two fingers cut off. Panicked Hemou struggled hard and finally get rid of the crazy husband fled to the village only escaped unharmed.October 26, 2013, reporters at the Soil and People's Hospital to see the Hemou, although the distance the incident has been more than 10 days, due to excessive shock and pain, Hemou seemed at emaciated. In the end what is the reason to start husband to his wife so vicious  Hemou told reporters, she did not expect her husband will lay violent hands, she thought her husband and one reason for this is about winning the lottery.This year in August, Me nike air max 95 for salengmou buy lottery tickets in the 800 yuan, the mental state seems manic, squatting at home do not go out that curse. Hemou said her husband lottery earliest history dates back to 2003, the year her husband went to work in Cangzhou, Hebei buy lottery tickets after they got out of hand, this is the winning 800 yuan to buy a

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