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losing the first set missed inventory

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first round by 4 to 6, 7 to 5 and 10 to 7 victory over Lukas Dlouhy / Ernest Gul Bies, retained their Barclays ATP World Tour Finals hopes. Zimonjic and Daniel Nestor four years ago in Paris win cooperation.Rohan Bopanna / Edouard Roger-Vasselin 7-6 (2), 7-5 victory over American John Isner portfolio / Nicholas Monroe also retains finals hopes.And without exception, contain Chinese elements. This year's Chinese opera elements.Five golf superstar - U.S. Open champion Justin - Rose, British Open champion Phil Mickelson, U.S. PGA champion Jen   reebok zig tech online  sen - Du Funa, former golf world McIlroy and World Championships - HSBC Champions defending champion Paul Stewart From "China beat" Guan Yu took the weapon in the hands of eleven, the first opera actor dancing along Weaponry, then put on a variety of shapes for the reporters take pictures.Five Grand Slam champion Phil Mickelson obviously it will show, when he took over from Kanu Weaponry, immediately after "bam" sound pestle on the ground, so that the presence of reporters were shocked. But he is a bit difficult to learn brandish, because he is left-handed, while Guan Gong is obviously right to make a knife, so learning is not so smoothly.But compared with Ross, Mickelson has behaved well. Ross careless weapons are used throughout reversed, so that the opera actor shank touchdown, he will hit the ground blade. Ross a serious face,

with his antics, attracted the presence of the reporter's laughter.Entire photo session, and the atmosphere is very relaxed, with the various players are also quite. Grab the trophy in part, defending champion Ian Poulter, sword in hand against the brightest kings, coincide with the event theme. The only funny thing is: the eyes of players who, some Numuxiangxiang, really like enemies, only Justin - Rose and Ian - Ian Poulter laugh, full of pathos, like an old lover. Of course, people who understand their personal relationship would not be surprised, because they used to play the game whenTotal prize money of 2,646,495 euros ATP  Masters 1000 Masters Sai Bali launched a second round of the compe nike air max classic bw shoes   tition, Novak Djokovic  although once missed the ball game, but still smooth 7-6 (3 ) / 6-3 out of the dark horse Herbert, third round, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga wasted two match points to 6-1/6-7 (3) / 6-7 (7) were reversed Nishikori , then out of the battle he has completely missed the Finals.No. 2 seed Novak Djokovic's opponent in France's Herbert, Herbert yesterday swept Perret, upset, confidence and status are hot after winning his match against Shanghai has been a truce Djokovic . The first game start, both strong Paul made the first 3 innings Herbert Paul made to save break points, then they are in the service bureau no longer make mistakes, leading all the way to fight to Herbert 6-5,

12th inning , a small German first set of non-insurance is not a game to fluctuate, sending two consecutive break points, but he serve overcome this, thrilling Paul made the match into the tiebreak. Tiebreak prevail experience and strength are small German won the final 7-3, 7-6 (3) thriller won the first set victory.Into the second set, losing the first set missed inventory teenager Herbert obvious demoralizing young players unstable state of mind also show up, a small German Lien made 5-0 lead with a break, this time the outcome has been lost suspense, Although the Serbs were once rivals rip ball game, but he seized the opportunity of nike air max 2014 for salethree match points to win the second set 6-3, heads the third round, he will face Isner Nigerian winner.Tsonga site aiming Paris tournament finals seat shock, the scene of Kei Nishikori, Frenchman's a good start, after 1-1 Crack fight to protect even the next five innings with a 6-1 before the next plate. Second Panjin Kyu gradually into the state, achieved after the first break 4-1 lead, but with Houtesongjia Lien chase with a 4-4 break, then they made their own security plays disk into the tiebreak, the results Frenchman missed 3-1 advantage to lose the tiebreak 4-7, 6-7 (4) is Nishikori deciding set.The final set, Tsonga first game in the case of 0-40 with 5 points Paul made thriller, Nishikori is playing

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