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I had the pleasure of attending the Lakelands Fellowship of Christian Athletes dinner and left inspired by what is occurring in our Justin Houston Jersey Ebay communities. Opening the newspaper today, I likely to read about the 500person celebration, The inspiring stories shared by athletes and coaches, nice Nike Justin Houston Jersey of coach Chris Liner from Ninety Six, And the individual story of speaker Steve Bartkowski, The former qb of the Justin Houston Jersey Atlanta Falcons.

The AllAmerican including Cal was the NFL's No. 1 nfl draft pick in 1975. After being Rookie of the year his first year, harm took a toll in his second and third seasons. From those dark days of being tormented Justin Houston Black Jersey by the home team fans, He became a Pro Bowl qb, Endured nine knee operations and became a truly noteworthy story of faith and commitment during his 12 seasons in the NFL. at age 60, He endures as an inspiration to young athletes and coaches. An alternate positive topic has been Steve's successful personal fight with colon cancer and his advocacy for early detection. When I read the coverage of the event in the mail in the paper, My presumed was: What universe is this reporter canceling from? well, He had a one on one with Bartkowski and outlined the referee issue but this topic was not what Bartkowski said to the attendees at the banquet. This poor reporting is an example of journalism malpractice. It shows you cannot trust the media to be truthful. They slant it and change it in a way that makes the reading public think this is how it happened. there this from the media, specially when the issue they are covering is about how God has changed a man's life and the inspiration he has been to his family, chums, And proponents of FCA. It is politically incorrect the mention the name of Jesus and we saw that in this reporter's coverage of a great community event and the journalism malpractice to come. god Bless.

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