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Denver offensive coordinator

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The Steelers have granted permission to the Arizona Cardinals to interview Todd Haley for their head coaching job, And they could talk to him in Pittsburgh.

Haley, Who completed his first season as the Steelers offensive sponsor, Was Arizona offensive coordinator in 2007 and 2008 before he became head coach of the kansas city chiefs from 2009 through most of the 2011 season.

arizona ( az ) fired Ken Whisenhunt as head coach Monday. Whisenhunt was the Steelers offensive adviser when he landed that job in 2007 and hired Haley as his first offensive planner.

these days Cardinals reported candidates, Andy Reid, Appears ready to take the job in kansas. Arizona officials also have surveyed their defensive coordinator, ray Horton, A former secondary coach meanwhile with the Steelers. robert McCoy, Denver offensive coordinator, Is also a candidate.

Cardinals officials plan to fly to Washington to interview Redskins pro personnel director Morocco Brown for their gm job. They might stop in Pittsburgh as part of the trip to talk to Haley, Who has been close with Cardinals web design manager Michael Bidwill, Son of they owner.

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