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You make peace with ones players

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THE JETS DID an intelligent THING. "the immediate response to the Revis contract is that it is team friendly and that the Jets should have offered that same deal. The Jets have been getting bashed in the news for this and I don't get it. First, This contract actually is exhilarating for Revis for the first two years. He Donnie Avery Black Jersey gets a $10million raise this year and next year is largely guaranteed. but nevertheless, After that Revis certainly will be looking for a new deal. There is no way that he will play into his 30s under a contract in which he can be cut at Donnie Avery Jersey Ebay any time. This contract would ensure another dispute if he stayed applying Jets. Second, potential distractions of the nobonusmoney contract is the really high cap number.''

My theory on Revis has been the exact same all along: I think the Jets needed to find a way of getting a deal done with Revis because he's the best player Nike Donnie Avery Jersey on the team. You keep ones players. You make peace with ones players. You make your easiest players feel like franchise cornerstones. In the last year, The Jets have paved the way for Revis Donnie Avery Jersey to leave a result of the immense cost involved. I can be paid the immense cost, As long as I may have been assured another holdout was not just around the bend.

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