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I decided who cares, might give it a shot

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I saw this episode on TV and wanted to test it out for since I never made these before. I bought all the ingredients, But couldn make it until these things week. at the same time, I read the reviews and was then sure I didn want to bother since some were so negative. since i had no other use for a head of cabbage, I decided who cares, might give it a shot. I glad used to do. I think I held it in water for about 3 minutes. at the same time, as using 2 cans of tomatoes with pepper/onion as the recipe calls for, I used one can of those and one can of Rotel tomato vegetables (With bright green chiles. I also added about a 1/2 Tbsp of with taste Simple onion seasoning I had on hand. It actually UGG Boots Black Friday good, And provides the kick that would possibly satisfy some of the reviewers who said the recipe was bland and something. I will make this again. It not the most popular, But it easy, relatively quick, Feeds several people, And will be great for dinners on nights I don have time to make different things. extremely: Try the pot roast spices and a can of Rotel. It pretty decent!

My mother made these when I was a kid. First cut the core right out of the cabbage Black Friday UGG Outlet and put in a big pot of water for a good 510 minutes. As it boils you are going to remove the leave a few at a UGGs Black Friday time with a pair of tongs. Black Friday UGG Boots Outlet if more you remove, the more it gets. I organize them in a colander over another pot. following that, I don use meatloaf spices, Just salt and pepper, And worcestershire spices (quantity splashes. associated with baking, I Black Friday UGGs Outlet put a layer of the leftover shredded cabbage at the foot of the pot, Black Friday UGGs put the piggies (What we give them a call on top, Cover with crushed garlic, And a can of tomato spices, Then fill until Black Friday UGG Boots just covered with water, Then cover the top to comprehend shredded cabbage and simmer for an hour. It all will be perfectly cooked and delicious.

As a kid growing up my grandmother would make cabbage rolls for speical days like birthdays and holidays. As a novice cook it's about time someting I would never make. I was so eager to find and easy recipe I could follow. It was not nearly grandmas, But a close second. I too agree the cabage needs to be blanched longer to range from head, And I also thought although fully cooked it was a little tough.

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