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finally restored the court order

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the Heat do not like them the same.March 27 this year in their own Chicago United Airlines Center, the Bulls to victory in a 101 than 97, never extinguished 52 days off the Heat.May 6 this year, in someone's home in Miami American Airlines Arena, the Bulls to a 93 win more than 86, originally belonged to James stirred MVP coronation night.October 29, or in the tense atmosphere of the arena, a few days before the smoke dispersed, the two sides almost naked, expressing hostility against each other.For the Bulls unfriendly, James also uncompromising: "We do not like them, they do not like us, this is not what a new thing, we    all know how it is."Not even "hate" (hate), but simply "do not like" (dislike). Among these, it is more a sort of contempt and hostility. But such feelings, it is only strategic; tactical response, James put it clearly: "It does not matter who we're playing, but caught in a bull, and I quite happy."In an opponent does not make people worry that a future fight enemies who often obtain a declaratory victory turned towards three consecutive long journey, there are more perfect than this story do  It was at the American Airlines Arena's third championship banner raised surface, James has not yet had time to look away from the hands of the ring on the transfer, that the seeds of grain revenge had germinated in the mind.The next 48 minutes the game, every pitch He
at style. detail, as if all the rancor of the moment after the outbreak.Chalmers 4 minute extract within three steals, they put the Bulls cap, almost choking, only 26.9% of the audience outside shooting, as well as the anger angry bull, the audience sent 27 fouls ...... however meet Miami-style. elements, or second game, that 37 to 18 established advantages of the "wave flow" type of victory. James after the game succinctly: "We have since the formation of the team, not just for this "Must also be understood that the road leading to three consecutive, "hate" (or "dislike") for them, other than perhaps the Bulls 28 opponents . Each Heat hearts, we know how they have "not to be seen." "Nothing to hide, only more focused this season will bring us anything, I eagerly look forward to," This is the James-style. declaration.Rising from the ceremony that side championship banner, after the victory over the Bulls have quietly lowered. The team will raise a small, flying in 2006, in 2012 that both sides of the flag next to it.Heat the pursuit of nothing more than that --- like tonight, as the Bulls (and perhaps the Pacers, Nets, Knicks and many other names), so that those who "do not like" their opponents, to become the next championship banner on one side, one by oneKnowledge is a continuous battle fatigue because of back to back, or face the overall strength is not strong opponents
 too underestimate the enemy, the Heat after a disastrous opening. Can understand poor shooting touch, defensive end riddled opponents anything and everything you can not forgive, opening less than 5 minutes, the score is 19-0, behind the defending champion turned out to be!In his teammates can not open up the situation in the case, James doing my part, he was in the race to 7 minutes 07 seconds after the break, running shot finally break the scoring drought for the team, finally restored the court order.Phase II began, Rashard - Lewis and Norris - Cole lead the Heat bench played great counterattack, and gradually reduce the deficit to 10 points or less. Then the Heat completely restored the state championship team at James again after playing the team's offensive orderly, more flowering, 76 although there are wonderful performance, but still a little bit of difference to be eroded. Last attack before halftime, James ball singles, to force a breakthrough fouls, free throws, chasing the score 49-51, just two points behind!The second half began James hit four consecutive shots from beyond the arc three balls. This three three-pointers hit fully activate the Miami feel, Bosh, A   llen shot hit barrage general, this section Heat cast 13 from beyond the arc in 10 amazing performance, single-section boom out of 45 points! James, a person contributed 10 points and seven assis

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