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creating a classic moment secretly

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 data analysis, and basketball contacts more through the computer. Before the Rockets get Harden, Riley criticized by the media and fans to Morey, should they consider a general manager with more talent, experience and understanding to operate on the basketball team, rather than data.But this really true Riley is a data enthusiasts, however, and Morey different, because of differences in age, Riley inductive analysis of the data is not so good, he was more intuitively to understand some of the data, make judgments. Crespo and his hand-picked, in fact, is a master of not less Morey data.Early years, fans including NBA players, coaches understanding of the data still remain in points, rebounds, assists and hit rate in these areas, they can not say why some players carefully in the bottom line is completely cast into thirds, and like jump ball team won the championship is difficnike air max classic bw cheap  ult, they are more easily into many categories such as spiritual factors, critical jump shooter competitive enough."We can only say that those are the data, let alone resolve," Spoelstra said.When the Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, he uses some special data, such as real hits, scored per 100 possessions, and the players on the pitch when the team got to look at the ratio of rebounding team. In short, Spoelstra and parsing the data linked together."This reduces the risk," Battier said he was recognized as the h
igh basketball IQ NBA players, but also the first to accept the batch of data analysis one of the players, "It's like playing blackjack, the team always makes they have the opportunity to analyze the chance to get brand size, thus improving their chances of success. "Shane actually better than his Miami Heat teammates already exposed to the data, when the Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and data analysis expert Sam Finland (now 76 CEO) has been instilled in him the theory of data analysis . "I've seen" Moneyball, "but I had never thought basketball game will be, too," Battier said, "they gave me made a lot of data analysis ...... I believe it makes me more in the league spent several seasons. "Of course, the nike air max 2014 cheap   data analysis is one aspect, but to be successful, how the data is parsed results instilled players, but the test of general manager and coach. Crespo in the data analysis on a lot of homework, but he is likely to only five percent of the results tell ballAmerican Airlines Arena in Miami, more than a 28.65 meters long, 15.24 meters wide big screen. Lights off instantaneously, 3D projector opens --- the glory which horizontal load floor as the screen, that one has been branded in team history honor book glorious moment, again in perfect sound and vision flashed, reminding us of scenes time backflow.The head is up from last year's coronation ceremony, the Heat common experience
the glorious history of the team; That one is constantly flip card numbers, starting from 1 accumulate until beyond the previous 23 games,
until the creation of History's first 27 games ...... anyone witness for themselves, creating a classic moment secretly happy. When the lens is placed sixth finals last season, Ray Allen hit three-pointers that help, it was already a suit when the assistant Juwan Howard, take elbow proudly poked around, early grin the flower of the "Thor shot."This is not a carnival of light and shadow, briefly recalled the glory, the more dangerous the    nike air max 2013 cheap road will be exposed hideous face --- from opener opponent begins.Rejoiced at this moment, if unpleasant to ask one to stop and move on record is who  Face lighted up champion who, at that moment you do not see the figure on the seat the visitors. This is the coronation of the Heat, the Bulls team selection absent. At this point, from the spotlight so close yet so far bulls, but also in their own way meditation countdown, waiting Taimukaiqi 2013-14 season. They do not have pretended happy for the Heat, they do not like the Heat, as

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