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know what position he will

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Wade's knee will not allow the "Big Three" collapse. Heat gives the answer is "maintaining the status quo," the first battle nine appearances, no one is new member of the four bench behave more like telling people, do not worry about the state of Auden and Beasley, they coming just icing on the cake.Know how to defend, the most important thing is to know how to deal with the details of difficult to deal with unexpected problems, such as not allowed to start shooting, the Bulls scored nine points. Even Spoelstra seemed calm, do not call a timeout to allow players to solve their own problems. They've got two titles together, James and Ray Allen knows how Bosch five missed shots, they should continue to feed him the ball. This is a complete team, there are the benefits of continuity, trust and mutual understanding of the patient increases, the cost of running is reduced.Such a long regular season, the opener only represents a victory of successful start. Truly understand the defending team, knew not smoot  h sailing champion patent, then, Miami needs to prove is this.Dan said, let James go to the left. Not to mention the emperor agree with this assessment, forcing James to dribble left difficulty is high, but also predict his next pass, it is not easy. Jordan spoke easily, because he has enough talent and experience, but for everyone else You need more data.In the He
at of the database, there are a lot of players included. For example Durant, when he is only three feet away from the rebound, he has 80% chance they will get the ball; another example Paul, who ten feet away from the ring where sent pass, his teammates have 89% chance of direct access to the shots.With these data support, Miami's defense certainly better last season, opponents per 100 possessions, only get 86 points, ranking fifth in the league, they do not take into account the true center, the Heat's defensive strength should also get a higher rating.But more importantly, their offensive capability has also been developed.James    came to Miami, get two championships, swept both regular season, NBA Finals MVP, "Big Three" meet is one reason, but it is easy to overlook is that he's hit rate three seasons to increase year by year, last season, his third ball hits the first time exceeded 40%.Many players will gradually grow to understand at what time, what would be more suitable for their shots, which is called the experience, but through enhanced data analysis, they can mature earlier."I remember when I was a rookie, shooting often less than 40%," said James, in his rookie season, shooting 41.7 percent last season, his shooting percentage was 56.3%, "as long as we have opportunity, I would have to shoot when I was a rookie, I just try not to miss every opportunity, now, as
veteran, I began to understand each one what will happen possessions result, I think I have a better game deep understanding. "Crespo data analysis, let James know what position he will have a better grasp of shooting, but also let him know that when passing more in line with the team's interests. He was 15 feet (4.6 meters) away less and less shots in his third season, he was shot in that area ratio reached 49.0%, while last season, the same location shooting percentage, only 30.5% . James talked about it quite a bit of data analysis experience, he once said, "numbers do not lie," but have to say, he resolved to accept the data faster and easier than other players. Although he graduated from high school after entering the league, but his teammates and coaches are highly praised for his memory and study habits.Not just James, Wade also gradually changing. "In a lot of detail, coach Erik Spoelstra give us suggestions," Wade said, "and then we try to do in the game, the effect is also very good." Because of injuries, Wade data changes are ignored him in the last season of the hit rate of 52.1%, a career-high.Thank data, reduce riskPat Riley, the Heat president, usually used with the c   urrent number of "alternative" general manager, such as Morey, do some comparison.The former is the old-school style, with prestigious NCAA history, played in the NBA, while the latter only good

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