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in in the new season, relying on the Big Three to play is totally unacceptable. Especially in Wade's competitive state has not fully recovered in the case, it appears to play a role players especially important. Therefore, the new season opener, the Heat role players who have made a good startMiami's opener, giving the most impressive, and not so much that they mad dog defensive attitude, as it is bench lineup in the attack of aggressive flowing freely. Zhezhi Heat on how to deal with a strong challenger, looks clear in the chest.This is not successful in predicting the Heat team will win their third consecutive championshnike air max 95 dyn fw cheap   ip, but express a feeling, because for a long time did not see a ready defending champion, completed in such a high-efficiency opener. Age structure is appropriate for a championship team, it appeared to look like a successful start.Because excessive speculation, this ball is considered to be very easy to start against the Bulls Heat retaliatory blow. Bulls said before the game too much, Ross high-profile publicity own state, NOAA can not wait to vent hatred for the Heat, President Obama made microblogging congratulations Ross comeback speculation has even pushed to the vertices. If so, the next Heat game will show slack and arrogant, the effect will be to underestimate the enemy's defeat, which was left to the next race inspection. However, from Cole,
Battier, "Birdman" and Ray Allen, who's opener performance, they show clearly not just attitude.A striking evidence: Miami Heat efficiency value before four precisely this bench lineup, Cole "17", Shane "15" Anderson "14", Ray Allen, "9", the highest score James Efficiency value actually ranked only fifth. Kohl's seven rebounds, Battier four three-pointers, Anderson's seven rebounds, Ray Allen and seven assists, to see people trance, as if they are the starting lineup. Because of their excellent efficiency, the Heat's bench and between the main achieve an efficient seamlesnike air max 97 mens running s, half 9-41 from 2 to more than 20, they spent less than two hours. We see the Miami Heat, the top of the defensive effort, every one outside the ball against the Bulls who are subjected to close double team, no matter what his name is not Ross; offensive, every pass is swift and strong, never without thinking and procrastination. Miami with fluency, looks nothing like the opener.Not every
champion successfully defended all start this way, because different types of champions. For example Bulls 1997-98 season, the first 21 field goals of 12 wins and 9 losses, this does not prevent them from eventually made a second "three-peat", because it was the age of the bull is relatively large. And a lot of wars proved, the defending champion in the opener of the "hot start" is the ultimate sign of success, especially for those darlings of the prime of life, it knows how to defend the rhetoric is more important than those.For example Bulls 1991-92 season, their first battle with 20 points victory over the Philadelphia 76ers advantage, first two score was 63 to 39. 2001-02 season, Lakers beat Blazers opener 11 points, Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant scored 29 points and both their first 17 games 16 wins and 1 loss. The most memorable is the 1995-96 season, the Bulls after Michael Jordan comeback playoff setback, but the new season opener with a new, more mature team, Jordan scored 42 points off the bench contributed 44 points, the Bulls with 14 points advantage to win their third nike air max 1 em cheap    score was 40 to 18, we know that season, the Bulls hit a record of 72 wins.No amount of design and conjecture, not as a ball came too. Because of the dramatic changes in Eastern situation, the Heat piecemeal change or suspected by many, such as how to restore Oden, Beasley could

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