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champion wonderful performance

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break through to the inside, so he Tupofenqiu to cause enormous destruction Heat inside .So, the Heat always effective limit on the defensive when Ross, cutting him with Boozer, Noah and others contact, thus reducing the heat directly inside defensive pressure. Although Ross had 15 shots, but the hit rate is very low, more seven times outside shot, apparently by the Miami Heat layered defense desperate, just blindly indiscriminate. Heat can make Boozer scored in the paint crazy, but determined not to let Rose led the Bulls Fun break, but also to the Bulls offensive tanike air max 2014 mens  ctics become very simple.Bulls Rose individual performance alone, apparently unable to win the Heat, Heat turns to face anti-folders, Ross can not make an inventory of his teammates in trench warfare, which also shows the lack of change tactics bull.Heat warning to othersNobody wants allen was supposed to be a close opener will be beyond everyone's expectations, showing a one-sided situation, sits at
home in Miami's Way to bring a championship to the potential gangbusters Bulls defeated the visiting achieved new season opener. Outcome of the game is more like the Heat in the rule of force by conquering other challengers to the Union declared their dominance.Throughout the match, except for the beginning stages of the two sides can maintain a score you come to my scenes, most of the time in the rest of the Bulls team up and down obviously powerless, unable to shake the whole linike air max 2013 nsw mens    neup of Miami, Miami, described as contrary is for all, play every player have shown a unique title Temperament: self-confidence and hard work, let opponents off guard, do nothing.Although Zhezhi Bulls made in th
e preseason unbeaten streak, the team also so to the core players Ross comeback, once considered to be on the road to defending the new season the Heat's most powerful enemy. But the result of the game in the process exposed the Bulls there are many loopholes: the bench and the main players are not as out of shape, etc.; compared to both ends of the court the Heat demonstrated by the fighting and the championship heritage, could not help but People are very respected admiration.Warning to others too like home win over the Bulls, the Heat as if all challengers with practical action to send a signal defending aspirations, so that all followers began to look forward Zhezhi is more powerful defending champion wonderful performance of the new season.Supporting upstageSuperain Heat role players who succeed in the eye under upstage. Last season, the Heat role players had been subjected to criticism. But in the season opener, the role players has become a hero to win the game, hit back with a good performance the doubts.Removal of the Big Three in the remaining play six people, there are four players in double figures actually such a high optical performance gratifying. Especially in section II score biting, Shane Battier, Cole et al spate of attack to help the Heat gradually opened the score, but also make the main players a free hand, in one fell swoop establish the lead, the game ha
s lost suspense. And on the defensive end, Haslem and Anderson struggling to have limited the NOAA play, hand in qualified transcripts.The strong performance of the role players, naturally able to give more opportunity to rest key players, after all season lonike air max 2012 womens    ng, if the role players can continue to play, and then for three consecutive Heat aiming concerned, would be a huge boon. Judging from last season, Wade suffered frequent injuries, Bosch occasional slump, so the Heat of the task almost pressure in the James a person's shoulders. James fight alone is difficult to play out all the energy into a rudderless team therefore embarrassment. In the playoffs, the Pacers and the Spurs were seeing this weakness, and use the overall advantage to suppress the Heat. If the Heat players united in times of crisis, probably early lost the championship.Ineffective role players last season, also gave the Heat played sounded the alarm. If you want to dominate the league aga

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