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mother wants a father brought

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uventus continued to expand the.71 minutes, Juve opportunity to take advantage of tactical corner, just off the bench to score Giovinco along the bottom line after the cross knock Road, creating chaos array Bonucci homeopathic Tui, the line of sight is blocked goalkeeper, the ball rolled into the goal Road. 4-0, Juve to victory. 84 minutes, as foul, Catania players Guarente one red and two yellow foul sent off. Eventually, Juventus beat Catania 4-0 at home.Rath day earlier at the Oxford Union Football forums for Macy's preference can be described as a ripple, after the parties have directed their attacks at crusade against Blatter. According to the British "Daily Mail" the latest reports, C Luo more partial Aimei Xi for Blatter's remarks very dissatisfied, and on their facebook Blatter mercilessly sarcastic about it, but since then Blatter obviously felt the wrong thing, too rare on Twitter bowed his head with the football star for an apology.Causes of the story but also from the Oxford Union held before the forum talking about football, not only in that forum to discuss the World Cup Blatter military buildup problem, it is a large explosion in the forums Mengliao, saying she is more like today's football Messi . He said at the time: "They are very outstanding players, but they are completely different, they are two different players."After that he had carried out on two specific analysis, but when it comes to C Luo, C Luo Blatter expressed in the hair down a lot of hard work, it also allows him to waste a lot of time. Finally Blatter is admitted that if he chooses a Golden Globe Award winner, he would choose Messi, C Ronaldo instead.As the world'
s top players, C Luo obviously a little swallow, and published in their facebook for a while, then to Blatter mercilessly sarcastic about it, and attach the day Blatter speech and video, C Luo wryly: "This video is very clearly demonstrated FIFA for me, for my team, for my country's respect and support I would like to say is that I hope Mr   . Blatter health and longevity of course, he certainly would witness his favorite team, favorite players to succeed. "Prior to Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti against Sevilla in attending the press conference also revealed that, in Blatter out inappropriate language, the Real Madrid president Florentino also sent a letter to FIFA, requirements cloth Lats against him for lack of respect for the C Luo's remarks be clarified.Sure enough, not long before, Blatter realized that he "got into big trouble," and in his Twitter sincerely apologize to the C Luo, Blatter wrote: "Dear Cristiano, if you because I On Friday a private joke occasions frustrated, I apologize to you for this, I never meant to offend you. world there are many talented players, you're one of them, I wish you good luck. "FIFA president Sepp Blatter recently occasion and "stalls big thing," he recently attended an event in publicly show that between Messi and C Ronaldo he prefers Messi, C Ronaldo also followed the action and hairstyles to be a satire, I matter stricken C
Ronaldo and Real Madrid club's strong reaction, prompting Blatter was forced to apologize for his misconduct.As a speaker, Blatter at an event organized by the University of Oxford, said: "(Messi and C Ronaldo) they are very good players, but they are different, are two completely different types of players. Messi is good little type, every mother wants a father brought home a boy, he was a good man, very fast, and does not like publicity, he game is very high, very nice, dancing in the stadium, which is also Why he's so likable, he played good and can score, no wonder there are so many vote for him. "Blatter then began Comment from C Ronaldo, he said: "C Lo on a completely different way, he is like a football field commanders." Remark he finished, Blatter began to imitate C Ronaldo on the pitch valiantly dash look, prompting the scene burst of laughter. "C Lo show is the other side of football, there are commanders on the pitch of course is a good thing.""They both are not the same attitude about football, it also gives football gives different life, but apparently, both of whom were, in the hair on one another much more expensive than, of course, this does not make sense, I can not say who is the strongest when the world, two of them in this year's Golden Globe Award will continue to a higher low. C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi I love both, but I prefer Messi.

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