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Opening the first nine minutes

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 (No. 38) away to Fiorentina, Kaka goals in almost the same amount of time to help Milan opened the scoring, but that game Milan take all three points.Spent four years at Real Madrid and unhappy moments later, Kaka has returned to make his place to shine, following the dedication of assists just past the Champions League after Milan on the 22nd and finally harvest goals, I believe that this goal will be able to brought back memories of this generation of football, that once-powerful Zonda came back to the people's sight, though time is getting, but we still want to believe once the king of the San Siro has passed, this grain into ball en    ough like him aftertaste XuShuai Allegri hope that the media should not be too concerned about the private life of Balotelli, he praised the players training yesterday efforts and hope you can give Balotelli a quiet environment.Milan 2-3 Parma's game was a result of diving booked Balotelli Something is happening on the sidelines, the players in recent days has been involved in a small car accident, his performance on the pitch and outside instant they become Media tucao focus.Allegri after the last round of league Balotelli admitted that their performance is very unhappy and worried that he eat a yellow card on the field to be replaced, but now Allegri hope the media will give Ballot Lee a quiet environment, not overly concerned with
 the private lives of the players on the sidelines."I'm only on Balotelli to judge his performance on the field, Sunday and Parma match his performance is not good, so I replaced him and Lazio's game he can play, I believe he will play well. Yesterday he trained very hard, I think we should let him quiet about. ""About his private life, we are concerned about too much and I think we should only be based on performance on the field to evaluate a player.""He came to the team in January, ca   me from him and now he and the team to come up with a lot of outstanding performance in his first 13 games, scored 12 goals, beginning of the season when his performance is also very well, there is always a player status downturn, but occurs in Balotelli body, we all like an exaggeration. "Hill Classic 10 proceed Juventus sits at home against Catania. Juve more flowers of the field, Vidal, Pirlo, Carlos Tevez and Bonucci has meritorious deeds, the final victory over rivals Juventus 4-0 in the two-game losing streak, the revitalized Juventus got two-game winning streak .Since the opening of the new season, despite the defeat Juventus in the league only one field, but because of the sudden emergence of Roman lead to nine-game winning streak, the defending champion is already five points behind Juventus. Plus struggling in the Champions League group stage, the Bianconeri pressure
huge. This time at home against Catania, despite differences between the two teams, but the woman who wants to successfully won three points still need to be careful to face.View from the starting lineup, Juve be rotated on the sidewalks, Caceres, Durechen into the starting list of columns, and Isla, Marchisio also replace Bo Geba play, due to injury, is still on the front line Lion Beast partner. Catania, the Juve defense led Jiujiang Legrottaglie, Almiron midfield.Opening the first nine minutes, Bonucci Houchangchangzhuan directly to Carlos Tevez, who try to keep the ball inside the restricted area lob, but not high enough to be shot keeper. 15 minutes, Catania counterattack, Borg Theo's shot was Chiellini seal the bottom line with the body. 26 minutes, the ball Vidal closed top position after a djustment shot, the ball hit the other defenders refraction lower right corner of goal, Juventus 1-0 lead.Match the first 34 minutes, Juve win great location free kick opportunity, Pirlo hand surgeon, a record over the wall and fall fast shot straight into the net nest, 2-0, Juventus expand the lead. Since then the two sides into a stalemate, the first half ended, Juve temporary 2-0 lead.The first 50 minutes, Catania fought back, but unfortunately Borg Theo Buffon shot being too easy to get. 59 minutes into the match left after Marchisio foot volley, the ball hit the pos

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