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minutes after the restricted area

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Marchetti fists ball damage. The first 40 minutes, Kaka foot low shot from outside the area and had the ball vice. Halftime, the two sides no achievements.Easy side battles, visiting Ao Naqi Hernanes substitute appearances. 47 minutes, restricted the right of long-range attempt Candreva ball door out. 53 m nike air max humara sale  inutes, Montolivo Zhise Road, Bielsa turned to volley the ball inside the restricted area stopping rub column out. 54 minutes, Balotelli wing ball, Kaka left corner at the ball the ball vigorously Shishe network, 1-0. Kaka ushered in the return of Milan's first goal.After giving up goals, the visitors before the formation pressure to accelerate offensive rhythm. 72 minutes, crossing the ball closed wing Kade Rewa, Charney follow up before the point shakes Leipzig ball crashed network, 1-1. The visitors tied the score. The first 75 minutes, the home team bench Matri evolutions strengthen the offensive. The first 82 minutes, Kaka Road Zhise, Matri kicker low shot inside the restricted area was back he denied. After a final battle, AC Milan host2013-14 Serie A season, the 10th round of a focus of war between AC Milan and Lazio started the starting lineup and helped Milan Kaka opened the scoring for the Rossoneri again after a lapse of 1613 days goal, the iconic long-range again allow people to recall the San Siro king lately, a blink of an eye four years of time has passed,
Kaka eventually come back.Before the new season starts, Kaka from Real Madrid return Rossoneri, San Siro whom fans rejoice, even though the state had the first car nike air max 2011 uk   d in Milan far less, but still pleased fans looking forward to his performances, September 15, the card card in the game against Torino staged a return to Serie A after the first show in Milan, and played in the first episode of identity, although not able to score, but still won applause.The show also against Turin Kaka Milan malignancy officially sounded the prelude, and since then a total of Kaka Milan Serie A appearances three times, including two starts a second bench, Milan, Milan the 22nd still Barcelona in midweek Champions League group stage and go into battle in that game, it assists with Kaka, AC Milan in the home draw against his opponent, Kaka assists vaguely let the people see his peak Period shadow.This field is Milan and Lazio in the league opener devil race, team up and down naturally very valued, the result of the game is also largely determine the fate of coach Allegri as coach in the hands of straw, Kaka in the starting lineup, at the San Siro stadium, people are looking forward to the first goal after the return of Kaka.After the opening, Kaka on the show hot state, the whole first half, Kaka three times to form. a threat to the use of long-range, 13-minute long shots from outside the area jus
t over the bar, four minutes after the restricted area of the small angle shot out of the goal by a touching column, end stage Shitailichen restricted area arc shot just wide again, the threat of attack in Milan half almost entirely from the San Siro was the king - Kaka, this performance also fans in the stands brought back sweet memories, never-ending applause is the best comment.Half of the game, Kaka efforts finally paying nike air max 1 womens off, 54 minutes, or iconic long shots from outside the area, and this time the ball does not deviate from the goal, sent for his assists are almost invisible in this field Balotelli, which not tacit partner to help Milan head start in the home, the San Siro stadium also sounded Shan Hu tsunami applause.This is the return to Milan after Kaka scored the first goal, has now passed 1,613 days, nearly four and a half years, the last representative of the 22nd Milan Rossoneri goals dates back to the distant 2009 5 On 31 May, the last one in

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