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Zaccardo replace the injured defender

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Benzema Suarez, Levan and Falcao became the Real Madrid striker signings goals.In such circumstances, Benzema scored slightly depressed state, before the league campaign, Benzema just before the two were in the league scored a goal, but the last seven league games, Benzema have not scored, the cumulative ball shortage has reached 514 minutes, since this is his longest since the 2011-12 season. For a Real Madrid striker, 10 two balls performance really disappoint  nike air lunar uk  ing.Fortunately, however, Benzema sense of shame after the brave, the last round Clasico against Barcelona, Benzema outstanding performance off the bench, he has one foot wave hit the crossbar along the world's pop. The campaign, Benzema regained Ancelotti's trust, and he did not let the coach down. 53 minutes, Benzema after receiving the Bell scored Real Madrid assists fourth ball, he also broke the 567-minute goal drought; 79 minutes, Marcelo left the restricted area pass, Benzema small restricted

 area before the time for the C-header before the break to help Real Madrid locked 7-3 victory.In addition, there are two campaign Benzema assists a game of balls and Bell C Ronaldo opened the scoring a hat-trick goal is to pass from Benzema. The campaign, C Luo hat-trick, Bell and Benzema are two shot 2 pass, Real Madrid front group attacking trio played the perfect fit.It is worth mentioning that,   nike air presto cheap    in the game after the first goal scored individuals, Benzema went to the bench as an assistant coach Zidane side hug. Because all along, Zidane Benzema trust in, if it is to get behind Zizou, maybe leave the club this summer, he became a striker instead of Higuain, in this case2013-14 Serie A season, the 10th round of a focus on war started competing in the San Siro, AC Milan vs. Lazio. Kaka assists in the second half Balotelli opened the scoring for the visitors with Houqia Ni header tied the score, the final AC Milan home 1-1 Hanping Lazio.Two teams clash league history, a total 140, Milan 60 wins 54 losses prevail level 26, the last 11 times in all competitions at home to face Lanying 6 wins, 5 draws unbeaten. New league season has cruised 9, Milan take only 11 minutes to all parties worse scores can not be satisfied, Allegri also facing tremendous pressure class. Offensive pillar Balotelli's return is good news for the team, his breakthrough and his back to goal the

ability is an important part of the attack, but the last round of league comeback debut performance was poor. Faced with the imminent devil race, campaign results will be far-reaching. Terms of personnel, the position of individual Allegri rotation, Zaccardo replace the injured defender Silvestre as the starter, Technip Leo comeback into the starting lineup last season debut.After the opening, the home team with    nike air presto camo uk   massive pressure on the home advantage. The first two minutes, Abate wing cross Road, follow-up Balotelli right footed shot from outside the area, the ball was Marchetti cross body denied. 7 minutes, Kaka left foot low shot after cutting inside, Marchetti easy ball confiscated. The first 18 minutes, Abate Houchangchangzhuan, Balotelli headed back to points inside the restricted area, restricted the right of Kaka up a small kicker shot, the ball sliding doors. In the opening stages of Kuanggong withstood after Milan, Lazio began looking for opportunities through pass control patience.The first 24 minutes, Bielsa left cross Road, Montolivo restricted external long-range kicker after the ball, hold the ball firmly Marchetti fell to the ground. 32 minutes Muntari tactical foul in the circle near the first yellow card of the field. As rain slippery site, many times through the long-range threat teams opponents goal. 39 minutes, Montolivo tries again floater long shots,

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