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restricted area to the front door

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of the arc blasts slightly above the lintel. After 59 minutes, Moreno left the restricted chest, stopping at two defenders small angle from the center of the attack, the ball hit the post from the near post into the room ,1-1, Shenhua equalized.After the equalizer, Shenhua morale Dasheng. The first 62 minutes, Duddy big left foot shot from outside the area, was defensive player blocked. 69 minutes, Wang Ting foot long shots hit in the middle, Song Zhenyu ball firmly catch. 72 minutes, Cao Tianbao restricted left side of small-angle shot was WangDaLei closed out the near corner.The first 82 minutes, Ennio retaliatory Moreno was pushed to the direct red card penalty. 87 minutes, Moreno restricted area over consecutive breakthrough Yatai defender, left foot shot into the room right c     orner ,2-1, Shenhua last minute reversal of the score. While the other match, Qingdao can 1-0 victory over Jiangsu Sainty, both teams leading Yatai two points, the last one as long as the two teams get 1 point, Yatai will definitely downgrade.2013 Chinese Super League 29th round of a tournament will commence in Qingdao Tiantai Stadium, in this crucial relegation battle, Qingdao can 1-0 Lectra Jiangsu Sainty. The first half, with one foot Fairy Song Long insurance can help in the break; second half, both sides played the exchange, Saleh lost pole after being punished, the header can aid Kabaleiluo bea
t Aileiersen accomplishment.28 cruised before, in order to be able to six wins and 10 draws and 12 losses record behind penultimate, 28 points behind the last third of Changchun Yatai 1 minute. If Sainty home loss in energy, while Yatai away win Shenhua, China will be able to advance a drop into the armor. The two sides announced before the game starts, the home sits in Qingdao can exclude Joel - Griffith, Bruno and Kabaleiluo including several offensive players, and Sainty side,       Aliyev Krstic and Dana Lage still is a double arrow.After just two minutes, Dana Lage Sainty striker completed a shot from outside the area up. 19 minutes left before the games can be obtained in a free kick opportunity, Bruno foot curve ball around the wall, but was firmly earthquake off confiscated. The first 24 minutes, Sainty right crossing a threat to the offensive, DengZhuoXiang Road header after the rub, Aliyev Krstic left the restricted area to the front door was inserted Liu Zhen Li Dangxia. The first 29 minutes, Bruno stopping half-volley shot from outside the area, playing ball after the earthquake off confiscated.The first 30 minutes, can aid in Joel - Griffith serious foul, Liu Jianye wing in midfield after physical contact with him lying on the ground, his right foot kicked Joel Liu Jianye head first, followed by the left pedal of Liu Jianye chest and therefore booked.
minutes, Li Zhuang Fei because of DengZhuoXiang shovel Dongzuoguoda received a yellow card. First half injury time, the impact can be formed by the free kick left offensive threat, Sainty defense allowed far Song Long earthquake off the peripheral volley was struggling saved. Halftime, the score was 0-0 temporarily.The first 50 minutes, Aliyev Krstic booked. 49 minutes, Sainty almost broke the deadlock DengZh   uoXiang kick pass, Aliyev Krstic to the post on the top header. The first 60 minutes, Bruno the ball into the penalty area to the Road Cavallero, who had the half empty goalkeeper dome high, can lead missed opportunity. 66 minutes, Dana Lage sweep the ball to the front, but unfortunately no one in front of outflanking place.71 minutes, Sainty top scorer Saleh replaced Aliyev Krstic. The first 74 minutes, Sainty and then miss, Saleh did not get pole position better choice cross Dana Lage. 77 minutes, Qingdao can break the deadlock, then Guo Liang assists Kabaleiluo beat Aileiersen header succeeded, 1-0! 81 minutes, Dragan replaced with a high center Ge Wei Ji Xiang.88 minutes, Qingdao can almost scored again, the door was shut Kabaleiluo shock a lap in the post, followed by a melee inside the restricted area, but still could not break. Last moment, Griffith threw the ball off to eat a second yellow card sent off. Eventually the two sides unable to rewrite

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