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f Shanghai Port, as three consecutive Super Guangzhou Hengda attack completely lost the spirit, but rather on the Hong Kong Youth Corps fearless, repeatedly playing good offense. Can "thin dead camel than Martha," Guangzhou Hengda rely Fengjun Yan goal to break the deadlock. Match the first 62 minutes, Hengda three players in the harbor right to make exquisite, Huang Jiaqiang crossing the ball left the restricted area, in front of the sense of smell is very sensitive Fengjun Yan grab the ball in front of defenders to score the door mat, which is the field Feng Junyan game as captain of the first goal of the season. After the ball into the captain rushed own fans Hengda area, were teammates YongCnike air max 2011 cheap  u to celebrate.In addition to scoring, the Fengjun Yan repeatedly impact on the right port on defense, had Hengda can get the score in the first half lead. Match the first 27 minutes, restricted the right Hengda captain sent exquisite pass, but his teammates squandered his assists. Hengda Super League season in the AFC and have such a good performance, led by Feng Junyan bench contributed, what
they called upon to come and the role that is used to make Lippi relieved to have such confidence in preparing for the AFC finals .2013 Super League season, the first 29 events, sits Hongkou Shanghai Shenhua 2-1 Changchun Yatai. The first half, even the field of foreign aid Rezek help break the visitors ahead; second half, Moreno scored twice for the home team reversed the score. After the defeat of the field, Yatai behind to win in this round could well Sainty two points, relegation initiative has not their own hands.The two sides clash in history has been 15 times, Shenhua on Yatai 3 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses disadvantage, including 2 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses were evenly divided, but over the past two seasons Shenhua has a two-game losing streak at home. And since the 2011 season, the Yatai Shenhua 4 wins and 1 unbeaten, the first leg of the season, Shenhua 0-1 away defeat. Shenhua 35 points before seeding, and Changchun Yatai plot 29 points deep relegation zone, into the field if not win, losing in the f  nike air max 1 sale  inal relegation round initiative.This field is about to retire Shenhua veteran Schiavi Agen quite at home farewell of the war, in addition to Cao Yun Xu Liang and injuries, Bo Jiajun outside Shenhua send full lineup fight, while Yatai side follows the last round overcome TEDA starting 11.After opening Yatai team eager to grab points appear to be more pro-active
approach, the first two minutes, Yatai team Ennio free kick after very threatening, Wang Lei sideways with one hand Kankan ball saved the bottom line. 7 minutes, Shenhua SongBoXuan a thigh strain in the scraping, then he was replacing veteran Jiang Kun. The first 10 minutes, Isaac fouls received first yellow card of the field.The first 17 minutes, Ennio periphery long kick wide. The first 23 minutes, Yan Feng free kick pass, Isaac Qiangdian header wide of the left post. Yatai team followed the lead! Ennio Houchangchangzhuan, offside Rezek chest down, broke his right foot past the far corner of the penalty area into the room, 0-1. After 31 minutes, Ennio direct free kick, the ball wide of the left post.33 minutes, Moreno also left foot free kick wide. 39 minutes, Moreno, and Wang Changqing continuous feet from the center are door out. The first 45 minutes, Zhang Zhao bottom lin  nike air max 2013 uk e right after the break continuous small angle from the center, seal the bottom defender the ball in time. Injury time, headed the rescue was formed from the center Reputation, Song Zhenyu flying fighting did not lead Oolong tragedy. Halftime, Yatai 1-0 lead.Easy side battles, Shenhua sent on Duddy to strengthen the attack. 52 minutes, Moreno beautifully with a cross, middle collusion Shenhua players miss the opportunity to follow up slower. 56 minutes, Isaac the ball, Ennio meet the ball at the

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