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current round of fighting at home

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very frequent, although national security and strive to win, but it does not seem ready to let Luneng opponent, Wang Xiaolong a midfield steals the ball back by Antal crazy chase down, the referee produced the first yellow card of the field.National security goals, the first 19 minutes playing field protruding waves, Lufkin turn around the ball when the game is responsible for guarding when he fell to the ground to grab Madzic Croats lay on the ground has yet to stand up to this When doctors haveair max 95 sale   arrived at the venue, Madzic sat up holding his hand to his chin, face very painful. Slow motion shows madzic Loew scramble with the ball when he was hit in the opponent an elbow on the chin, Loew's face is considered far too madzic performances.3 minutes later, another madzic scraping with Loew in midfield, this time even broadcast lenses are not kept up, I saw madzic had fallen to the ground, face still very painful, both players came around on the scene flurry . Slow motion, the two physical contact process, Loew has a deliberately pushing madzic action, Madzic homeopathic down, hand over cheeks and throat, Loew is considered madzic remain in acting, even in the Kanoute Ask him, pushed Kanoute an altogether Loew, to show their action is very light, not enough to hurt each other, then went on to make pinch throat action, satire Madzic performances.But
people's movement is the fact that Loew eat a yellow card. After a brief adjustment madzic also stand up and continue the game. Since then the two have physical confrontation, there is revenge tackles madzic once suspected, Loew has almost become a national security all defensive players of the "thorn" was repeatedly shovel. Loew scored a goal after the second half, Madzic Feichan still fierce, and therefore also eat a yellow card.2013 Super League season, a focus of war between the Shandong Luneng and Beijing Guoan launched, which is the seventh of the season Luneng against last season's Super League BIG4, Luneng 1-3 final defeat in seven games last season, the top four three Super drair max classic bw sale  aws, 4 losses without a win, so the league runner-up gold is clearly insufficient.Shandong Luneng has been locked in advance because this season's Super League runner-up, so for them, the rest of the Super League is almost going through the motions, there is no requirement on the score, but coincidentally, Shandong Luneng Super League remaining four are yes confront last season's Super League BIG4, therefore, the super down still very seriously, for the AFC Champions League next season, has received qualify them, which naturally is the best training opportunities.In addition to training for next year's AFC Champions Shandong Luneng want a Costly season 6 battle against Super League last season without a win BIG4 stigma record round against the Yankees, the next round against Guizhou Renhe, there are two Shandong Luneng the opportunity to rewrite the record, since the current round of fighting at home, so you want to break this vicious circle, almost a war tonight is the best and last chance. Luneng down naturally know very well, plus the first leg 0-3 defeat of the season and the 2007 season
 1-6 massacre, the super desire to win is quite strong.However, the trend has forced the super race fans blindsided, after the opening, occupying force in the game but it is away fighting the Yankees, the first half the game just past 15 minutes, Utaka will help national security first to break the deadlock, injury time, Utaka again ripped through the super goalkeeper Yang Cheng's fingers off, only half of the game, the super has two goals behind at home, but also on the scene and passive, there is no good way offensive end, defensive end is loopholes.Half of the game, to put on just-field Luneng Han Peng strengthen the attack, but also to do so in the first 69 minutes by the Loew pulled one back, but the end stage of the game, Wang Hao's goal to help the National Security clinch victory.Eventually, Luneng 1-3 homenike air max lunar cheap  defeat this season, the league two rounds were Guoan double play home and away, this is the seventh of the season Luneng play against last season's Super BIG4, lost the game, the super is still in the previous season Advance 4 "hold" victorious, seven games, the results of the poor three draws and four defeats, three draws are from Guangzhou Hengda (away), Guizhou Renhe (home), Jiangsu Sainty (Away) who obtained the remaining four games last season with the top four in the contest Super Luneng all defeated.As we all know, the super has been locked in

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