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Utaka has staged three times brace

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ahead.Easy side battles, the first to make personnel adjustments Shandong Luneng Han Peng Cui Peng replaced to strengthen the attack, but to master the field offensive dominance or Yankees, the first 52 minutes, Utaka almost helped the Yankees to expand the score again, he After the formation of single high-speed plug right wing, facing the goalkeeper Yang Cheng foot lob, but the ball just wide of the column; 1 minute, since the opening Luneng get the best scoring opportunities, Wang Tong pass near the baseline, Han Peng header points to the middle, in front of almost Mianduikongmen Loew case could not hit the ball; 1 minute, nike air max 1 cheap  Park Sung pass to the middle to Utaka, who left in situ Tui, the ball hit the crossbar, Shandong Luneng escaped.Subsequently, Wu Xinghan replaced with Binbin Luneng Luneng attack has also improved, the first 69 minutes, Shandong Luneng pulled a ball, kick Hao Junmin, Lufkin Road Closed leaping header, the ball got into the net from the goal Road ,1-2, which is Loew scored this season's first six league goals.After 83 minutes, the Yankees once again extended the lead, Park Sung closed top pick the ball to the restricted area, Wang Hao quickly plug off the bench stabbed the ball ,3-1, which is Wang Hao scored the season's first two league goals, the Yankees win the match.Eventually, the Yankees 3-1 victory over Shandong Luneng, two rounds of the

double play opponents played since round and lose, the Yankees extended the lead to four points, thereby locking the Super League this season, the first three name, and thus got the tickets for next season's AFC Champions LeagueWar. Although the two teaair max 2013 cheap  ms have won the AFC qualification in advance, but the two teams' cut, and chaotic, "the historical origins or let the game become the focus of the war. To Luneng vowed before half of the season 0-3 away defeat revenge, however, half of the season before they appear on the Utaka Guoan but with two goals, let Luneng more embarrassed.Just from the data point of view, as last season's Super silver boots shooter, Utaka this season is still impressive. Dalian Bin Al and Yankees have each scored seven goals. Although the same is seven goals, but its significance is very different.Utaka half of the season on behalf of Dalian Bin Al played 15 times, scoring seven goals. But this seven balls respectively, in three games into the. Utaka has scored the first two games, Albin did not win. In determining the transfer of national security before the last game, Utaka Luckiest as with the old club sent a final gift. This game's four goals, more than half of the season before his total number of goals. This is also the only help Utaka Albin win the game.Yankees move in Oristano follow after the first game for the national

 security contribution a record assists. Then in the FA Cup game against Qingdao on behalf of the National Security set off in the second game, Utaka then scored his first goal at the national security. Then go back to the league, almost every round, Utaka had scored accounting. In Guoan played 10 Super League games, Utaka has staged three times brace.Now Utaka with 14 goals scorer four temporarily, the league left the last one, in addition to Egypt to 22 goals ahead of God, the front four of the goals are only a thin one, Ukraine taka very strong once again compete for the Super silver boots.Super League 29 focus in a duel, Shandong Luneng 1-3 home loss to the Yankees. Although the game for Luneng seeding,nike air max 90 vt uk   but the two sides was extremely confrontational. In addition to the first half of the protagonist Utaka scored twice, but also a few Luneng front Pa Tieyao madzic Loew and national security, both within 3 minutes of the two conflicts is "drill."Jing Lu Zhizhan never a lack of things to watch. Last season, Luneng 4-0 home victory over national security, but the first leg match of the season, but in Luneng 0-3 away defeat to national security. This time another fight, the super league has been runner-up, while national security is still struggling to fight for the third position. Competition just a beginning, scraping sides in midfield was very intense. The two sides fell

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