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One of the most effective teams in baseball

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Click to expand Justin Houston Jersey Ebay Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images file photo Nike Justin Houston Jersey because he plays for the smallmarket A's, Players such as slugging third baseman Josh Donaldson don't find their way into the highlight.

Though the AllStar Game isn't need to consider two weeks, The marathon that is the major league baseball season has passed the midway point.

As we look ahead to the remaining three months, It's time to recognize the Bay Area's best bet for a team in the World Series this year could range from East Bay.

That's not to imply the Giants should be cast aside. They play in a division that will have morphed into the worst in baseball, which keeps them in the hunt all year. If they might turn things around and return to the postseason despite being nohit Tuesday by Cincinnati's Homer Bailey we've seen just how dangerous they can be in a short series.

The A's have proven in the first half that if there were any lingering doubts about remarkable ability to maintain success after their incredible ride in 2012, There really should not be.

Oakland is proving it is much more than a lightninginabottle team that pops up in certain cases, Contends for a year and then is gone into the abyss.

The A's have shed that label and is highly recommended simply what they are: One of the most effective teams in baseball.

those postgame pieintheface moments, The A's don't win with smoke and magnifying wall mount mirror, but simply good, Solid tennis. Quality starting pitching night in and night out, A lightsout bullpen and a steady lineup.

shifting into Tuesday's game, The A's were ranked in the top 10 in martial Justin Houston Jersey arts in runs scored, Home runs and onbase amount. moreover, The stalking staff is top 10 in ERA, Runs allowed and opponents' hitting average.

The A's have won series this year against baseball heavyweights which include the New York Yankees, e. Louis Cardinals and their san francisco bay area brethren, The giants.

this without a bona fide superstar. essentially, The A's don't have a single player ranked in the top three at his position in most current AllStar voting.

If you changed the name on the top of the jerseys of Jed Lowrie, Josh Donaldson, Bartolo Colon and Grant Balfour to Boston or indiana, You'd likely be seeing a team with three to four AllStars. relatively, The A's are going to land their required one, you may two.

But that fits in Oakland. The usagainsttheworld mentality is transmittable. It's something radiates from the clubhouse to the small, But unwaveringly dedicated, Justin Houston Black Jersey following.

The A's rode it last year all the way up into the postseason, And who knows how far it could took them if they hadn't run into Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander twice in the postseason.

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