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Bachmann brings sparks in Iowa debate

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MORNING EDITIONThe an anniversary card lists just UGG Boots Cyber Monday got shorter for the Pawlentys and the Bachmanns. Watching last night's FoxNews debate from the Minnesota twins, Alexander Burns of Cyber Monday UGGs Politico publishes: "Pawlenty first pushed back on the idea that he'd questioned Bachmann's health, telling me: 'I have not questioned Congresswoman Bachmann's migraines. The only headache I hear about on the campaign trail is the headache' Obama's given the country. 'She's done fantasti c things in her life, Absolutely attractive things,' Pawlenty reported, Then losing the hammer: 'It's an undisputable fact that her record of being successful and results is nonexistent.' Offered the opportunity to respond, Bachmann unloaded on Pawlenty's log as governor: 'When you were governor in mn, You put into practice cap and trade in our state and you praised the unconstitutional individual mandate. You said the era of small governance is over. That sounds similar to Barack Obama if you ask me.' But wait we do have more! Pawlenty opportunity back, modern his attack and showing an aggressiveness that's been largely absent from his campaign to date. 'She's got a record of misstating and making false boasts,' Pawlenty pronounced of Bachmann, ongoing to hammer her slim record in Congress: 'If that's your view of effective authority with results, kindly stop, Because you're big paper profit us.' "

The AP story goes like that: "Bachmann said Pawlenty pushed an eco overhaul similar to the Democrats' effort, A mandate for fitness problem coverage and for bigger government spending. 'That sounds a lot like barack obama to me,' she these. Bachmann also said Pawlenty Cyber Monday UGGs 2013 forced her to select from her antitax beliefs and her opposition to abortion. When she was in hawaii legislature, She supported a bill that both raised taxes on cigarettes and increased restrictions on abortion rights. 'I believe you can find money wrong, But you are unable to get life wrong,' she identified. 'It was options,' she described. 'The governor put us in that box and I chose to guard human life.or,-- "

The Strib teams Rachel StassenBerger with Kevin Diaz for the big with the weekend approaching in Iowa. The first type says: "Bachmann, asking about 100 workers at a print shop in Clive, Brings the artful flash and passion of a tent rebirth meeting: a significant bus, lgts, cameras, complicated sound system, A readymade riser with packing boxes stacked behind her and an American flag snapping without anyone's knowledge. 'I'm a real person,' the threeterm congresswoman tells the gathered crowd. 'I'm a mommy. i am not a politician.' Despite a decade in elective office, Bachmann revels in their own outsider image, Casting her antiWashington message in starkly quite terms. Pawlenty carries the earnest benefit of a Sunday school teacher. Lowkey, Amiable, The former governor dresses in jeans and slightly wrinkled buttondown shirts that would fit as comfortably in the crowd as when face-to-face with it. He travels in an unmarked RV and ambles off it associated only by a few longtime staffers. Where Bachmann's rhetoric comes in fast and hot, Pawlenty's is set at less burn. At a picnic Tuesday, Bachmann ignited the crowd in seconds, While Pawlenty garnered his starting applause line 10 minutes in, Was that when he said, "later,

the actual CNN poll was not kind to either of our aspirants. individual. bachmann wanted slipped in a new CNN presidential poll released Thursday, Both falling further behind former massachusetts Gov. glove Romney.. to a headtohead matchup, Bachmann loses to President obama 51 percent to 45 percent, depending on the poll. Obama and Romney are developed in a dead heat, With the lead designer getting 49 percent and Romney winning 48 percent. CNN did not test Pawlenty your president. the who identified themselves as Republicans, Pawlenty got just 1 p'cent. Only 4 percent of women recommended Bachmann, What's the other of a "gaudy" information?

The PiPress' Bill Salisbury files a story about prognostications prior to a Saturday's straw poll: "The real contest is between the Minnesotans even [Ron] robert, A libertarian with a comparatively small but intense following, Said Doug obscene, A Des Moines lawyer and veteran Republican strategist who managed Romney's 2008 marketing in Iowa. The former ma governor won the straw poll four years ago. Cyber Monday UGGs For Cheap 'Bachmann will probably win,' Gross probable, Echoing the betting of many political insiders. The 6th District congresswoman from West Lakeland Township provides extensive going for her. the woman with:

An Iowa ancient.

The hottest GOP celebrity on the nation's stage right now.

A prolific fundraiser of small advantages.

Backed by intensely loyal followers in the tea party and among religious Cyber Monday UGGs For Sale conservatives,

Scott Bauer of the AP says the recall of Scott Walker in Wisconsin is precarious: "Wisconsin Democratic Party activist Sachin Chheda said really, The recall election would coincide along with the 2012 general election, When voters will flock to the polls to choose a president and a replacement Democratic Sen. herb Kohl, Who is retiring. and yet Reid Magney, A spokesperson for the state's election oversight board, informed that several factors, while the time needed to check petition signatures and delays due to legal challenges, Mean there isn't a guarantee the elections would coincide. Sen. Russ Feingold and milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Who Walker defeated in december,

Another gay harassment suit has been filed against AnokaHennepin schools. Madeleine Baran of MPR reports: "The hp, Filed by the nation's Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), Says school officials failed to intervene to help a 15yearold student at Jackson middle school who was being harassed and physically assaulted by fellow students because of her sexual orientation and Cyber Monday UGG Boots perceived gender nonconformity. metabolic rate, Title IX and the mn Human Rights Act. The center is also which represents five other students in a similar suit and will ask to have the two cases consolidated. 'The facts are chillingly similar and also tragic,' she agreed. 'These are students who were called quite a few names (and simply) Faced a daily barrage of antigay slurs directed at them.' UGGs Cyber Monday "

Scott LeDoux has passed on. The PiPress dream says: "LeDoux, Who sparred with most of the boxers of all time, this kind of Muhammad Ali, George Foreman along with Leon Spinks, Died today of difficulties of his long battle against ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. He was first 62. LeDoux, together with Coon Rapids, Had been battling ALS since being defined in 2008. Nicknamed the exact 'Fighting Frenchman,' LeDoux's boxing line of business spanned 10 years. He twice was named Upper Midwest Golden Gloves Champion and twice fought for the best quality boxing title,

Vegas sees no better than a onegame advance for the 2011 Minnesota Vikings. extremely effective list of point spreads for all sixteen Minnesota Vikings regular season games: minnesota +9.0 at hillcrest, tampa Bay (PK) At minnesota, Detroit +2.0 at minnesota, minnesota +5.0 at might, florida +6.0 at mn, mn +6.5 at chi town, organic green Bay 6.5 at mn, minnesota 3.5 located at Carolina, mn +10.5 at orange Bay, concord +2.5 at minnesota, minnesota +7.0 at lawrenceville, colorado +5.5 at minnesota, minnesota +4.0 from Detroit, completely new Orleans 1.0 at mn, minnesota +2.0 at Cyber Monday UGG Boots Outlet wa and Chicago 2.0 at mn. Using the Cantor estimations as a model, You would expect the Vikings to deal with five wins, Nine losses and matches a coin flip. As a bettor if you concede the underdog games at TD or higher, your decision to bet over or under would be based off whether the Vikings could win the close games to end out the season at home versus the Saints and Bears and on the road against the Redskins, I have almost no idea what any of signifies.

I wonder how many Republican women took notice that the former Gov. Pawlenty seems quite capable of directly attacking another in the room IF that person is a woman, But seemed to stay reluctant to attack the other men directly (on the other hand, No doubt with large practice and coaching, He did can utter the nonsensical word "Obamneycare" With Mitt Romney in the room, But this time right now was much more indirect).

on the other hand, In her intrusions on Pawlenty, As well as her other documents, microsoft. Bachmann stretched the truth and twisted facts so as include them as unrecognizable (As she always does), truthfully, Of course her followers don't mind because she's so good at telling them exactly what they need to hear, Facts and truth be darned.

I do not understand why anyone wouldn't question Bachmann when she says she's not a politician, She's a real a person. absolutely she's a politician, That fact is indeniable. I'm your typical middleincome wage earner with no hope going through a say.

come on now Greg (1). Say what will you about Pawlenty's silly flipflops, the mans pandering, with the exceptional "to be flexible" With the facts. But not fair to assume that he's only willing to attack a woman.

He's only doing what his handlers tell him is needed given where he positioned himself. instantly, He and Bachmann occupy exactly the same thing space and, To the red meat crowd, He pales as compared.

sure, With Rick Perry now around the race, Pawlenty is even less of a factor. At best he's flowing for VP now.

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