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10 million on new HD scoreboard

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10 million on new HD scoreboard

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We mentioned it a few weeks ago on Twitter, but finally, here are some details on the installation of the new HD scoreboard at Citizens Bank Park, courtesy of the team:

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The Phillies have partnered with Sony Electronics System Solutions Group and Daktronics to dramatically enhance the fans viewing experience at Citizens Bank Park. The $10 million upgrade includes the installation of a massive, new Daktronics HD15 video display and the latest in Sony HD production technology.

When completed, the new Phillies HD display will be the largest in the National League and among the largest in the world measuring 76 feet high and 97 feet wide, and totaling 7,372 square feet of digital space.

The new HD display will be located under the iconic Phillies sign in left field and will almost triple the size of the formerly existing video display originally installed at Citizens Bank Park. During game time, millions of individual LEDs will illuminate the screen, creating superb image clarity with improved contrast and incredible wideangle viewing of the action on the playing field. The additional size and resolution of the display will provide even more gamerelated action and statistical information.

truly excited to bring the HD experience to our fans, said Mark DiNardo, Director, Broadcasting and Video Services. new technology and dramatically larger image will bring our fans closer to the action than ever. Our unique partnership with Sony and Daktronics gives us the opportunity to transition the inhouse broadcast, production and entertainment systems to highdefinition in one step.

Other locations in Citizens Bank Park that will be part of the upgrade to HD include PhanaVision (Phillies video replay and control room) and video production/video coaching production areas, as well as the facility cable TV system.

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Construction has already begun with the removal of the original Phillies videoboard, which has recently been relocated to the team spring training facility at Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla.

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Additionally, the Phillies will be installing a dedicated closed captioning display to assist hearing impaired fans, and all 800 televisions in the suites and public areas will also be upgraded to HD.

The first opportunity for fans to see the new videoboard in action will be during the OnDeck Series, when the Phillies take on the Pittsburgh Pirates, March 2930.

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