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She doesn't mind it probably none bit

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Michaela Mulokey heads into the girls locker room alone. prior to the Bishop Ireton senior laces up her skates, She climbs into the zone, Ticking off the opposing team's weaknesses and remembering the basics of goalkeeping.

She's not between a gaggle of girls shrieking and laughing like she normally is before a soccer or lacrosse game. in lieu, Mulokey dresses alone, exercises alone, And walks past rows of lockers and wood benches alone.

But once she walks at night women's locker room sign and into the chilly arena, She's suddenly flanked by boys. and as the lone female on Bishop Ireton's varsity boys hockey team, She doesn't mind it probably none bit.

Mulokey is the third woman to play Jamaal Charles Black Jersey on the team during coach Anthony Di Carlo's eightyear tenure. when the 17yearold typically sticks to soccer and lacrosse, the c's had a need and Molokey knew she had to fill it.

After losing their goalkeeper following a 2012 season, each of our Cardinals (221) Found personal in desperate need of a warm body out on the ice. It took some prodding of her parents they feared Mulokey would get injured and hurt her chances of playing collegiate soccer but they finally came around.

"i have been in, She talked about. "I decided I are classified as the person the team needed,

however the teen never played hockey before, She was well-versed in the game and a fan of the sport a dedicated Penguins fan in a Capitalsdominated region.

in addition to the, As goalie for the course's soccer and lacrosse teams, Mulokey applied to things Nike Jamaal Charles Jersey flying at her face.

"If I can encounter someone throwing and kicking a ball at me, I can carry someone shooting a puck at me, She shown.

It didn't take before she padded up and headed onto the ice. Though standing up in the heavy pads, She mentioned, Has been the prevailing challenge.

While hockey garners the acceptance as an intense sport, Going up on the boys on opposing teams doesn't phase Mulokey one bit.

"I'm not going to back off since they expect me to, She says. "Teams have left their skates and tackled me and tried to pin me down but I'll give it right back. I think of it like any one else coming at me, Trying to halt me from doing my job,

It's that takeonanything attitude that has Mulokey in good graces along with her teammates, durable gender difference.

"The team rallies round her, Di Carlo told. "in the event the team needs her to step up, She's used it. she's been a blessing for the team, And you can not ask for more,

Her teammates offer Jamaal Charles Jersey Ebay her "insane props" For improving to fill their empty goal, And whenever they get out on the ice, Mulokey knows they are there to protect her a comforting notion for her parents.

"Goaltenders are very good breed, Di Carlo explained. "regardless of if you're a girl, boy, blue, blue, green, red wines, If you skate on bonce. nothing matters, She's definitely organ of the team,

though the list of Bishop Jamaal Charles Jersey Ireton female hockey players is short, Mulokey hopes her presence in the rink encourages other secondary school girls to pursue the sport.

"I hope that they don't let all the time it says mens varsity on our website hold them back, She shown. "I hope at some forward point my example for them encourages them to try out for the team,

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