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Albany girls be less than perfect at buzzer

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By Ed WeaverSYRACUSE To upset New York State toprated team on saturday, Albany High had to just make some turnovers, Play tough protection in the halfcourt, Battle CiceroNorth Syracuse the particular backboards, Limit the Dwayne Bowe Jersey shot total of Allstate guard Sarah Bowles and fire well early.

guess what, Four out of five ain bad characteristically, well.

The Falcons made one of 15 firstquarter shots, Were 5of31 in the first half and fell into a big hole from which they nearly climbed out before suffering a tearful, 5149 difficulties.

The stats sheet showed CNS was guilty of 24 turnovers Albany forced several of them the Falcons outrebounded the Northstars, 3534

Bowles could get off just seven shots she made five and scored 16 points and the Falcons defense, In the second half, around. the poor shooting early, Though forced them to foul in the late going and effects were devastating.

CiceroNS senior guard Abbey Timpano made Dwayne Bowe Jersey Ebay all 10 of her free throws in the final stanza and Bowles went 4for4 to keep Albany at bay. A miss every now and then, And the Falcons should be playing next weekend.

Missed many shots, Said Albany star protect Emia WillinghamHurst, Who led the Falcons with 14 pts but shot only 7for21.

Just weren going in we had some very nice shots, Cara Waterston, Who leaped 3of14. Fellow in advance Mylah Chandler made two of 10. If she had made just a second of those

Lot of us had a lot of probabilities that we didn cash in on; That part of what makes Dwayne Bowe Black Jersey this such and emotional loss, Waterston discussed. this foul count, We had many things that we could have done to get this game in our favor.

Her style. tailed off.

After sliding behind 122, The Falcons outplayed the 211 Northstars over the last 28 minutes and outscored them 4437 but they couldn overcome the poor shooting, thousands of felt.

even so, Albany coach Decky Lawson said it wasn just the Falcons poor shooting and less than ideal shot spread.

Played terribly, We didn sincerely move the ball in the first half, he was quoted saying. Girls were settling some more. I wasn content with all of it. We usually work the ball far better that. We were a bit of shellshocked early.

Weren making our shots and we weren component in our game and we weren getting any calls, WillinghamHurst had said. We could have got it (the lead), The game can have been ours.

Still felt confident we could come back in the ballgame, Decker considered. Time we have close, We kept them for foul line. It tough Nike Dwayne Bowe Jersey come back on a team that shoots such as large part on the foul line (The Northstars becoming 19 of 27) And keep them on the foul line.

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