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"We have a particularly nice core group here

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RENTON, thoroughly clean. As stuff were packed up, The phrase became a popular refrain with all corners of the Seattle Seahawks locker room.

"We have a particularly nice core group here,

Whether it was safety Earl Thomas or rookie quarterback Russell Wilson or veteran fullback Michael Robinson uttering those words, They resonated with substance because the Seahawks went from a young team with possible ways to a team on the cusp of being an NFL power this season with most of its key components returning next season.

The expectations vary in 2013 and everyone already understands that fact. No longer will the Seahawks be an enjoyable surprise, but rather hold the title of contender.

"There is nobody in our building that doesn't think that this is going to be an exceptional offseason for this club, Seattle tour bus Pete Carroll said. "Knowing that all of the kids that made the team last year that get another, And played a lot and they arrive back. It's such a big jump that happens from year one to year two,

the prevailing concern that for Seattle's optimism going forward is that core group that has been solidly constructed in three seasons by Carroll and general manager John Schneider and is mostly locked up for the 2013 season. Among their first 22 on offence and defence, The Seahawks have just two players who are unhindered free agents defensive tackle Alan Branch and outside linebacker Leroy Hill. They have only eight unrestricted free agents total and another three who are restricted and can have any offers from other teams matched by the Seahawks.

Unlike last offseason when Seattle was tasked with trying to lock up running back Marshawn Lynch and find an answer to its quarterbacking situation, The Seahawks enter this offseason having the ability to supplement through free agency and the draft while also trying to solidify their roster longterm.

"It is unfinished business, brown said. "We are a good team right now but we've got to go from good to being a championship football team. We require that next step. We thought we had it this year but hopefully we've got to take this offseason, Use it to compete to keep up our jobs, play against other teams. And draw on this experience next year if an opportunity presents itself,

Branch and Hill said they wish to return, But defensive line and linebacker could be an area where Seattle searches for upgrades. Carroll was blunt in his seasonending news conference that the Seahawks needed at least two defensive linemen with the idea of trying to solve a pass rush that floundered for most of the season aside from one memorable night against Green Bay.

"It's kind of hard just sitting to deal with waiting for interest to be brought in your direction or whatever, branch said. "confidently, they need me here and the whole money situation gets settled. But if not there defintely won't be a better group of guys than this, i am certain,

Seattle currently has 10 draft picks come April and that is where Schneider and Carroll have found the utmost success. It's not really much the earlyround selections that have paid off although Thomas and Russell Okung in the firstround in 2010 created a sturdy foundation but the picks in the later rounds that have proved valuable. Sweezy in the seventh round; and definitely, What turned into Seattle's greatest steal, Wilson during the third round last April.

Carroll said because of the depth already on the roster, It will be difficult for some of those draft picks to make the team.

"What's will be hard is for the 10 guys that get drafted to make this team, he explained. "That's what I think the battle is, And that's how much I believe in them. I think they may come back ready to go,

seeing as there are so few free agents to deal with this offseason, The Seahawks may start looking ahead to the next offseason 2014 when a number of key players can become free agents. with those whose contracts expire after next season: Chancellor, robinson, person Doug Baldwin, Cornerback Brandon Browner, Right fix Breno Giacomini, Guard Paul McQuistan and radio Golden Tate.

But being in that position of looking head is a luxury for Seattle thanks to the work already done.

"The key is the guys that are the nucleus of our football team always growing and us always developing and seeing how we can all get better on its own, But also each, Wilson talked about.

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