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Buccaneers Pick 2

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Welcome to New York City for fox sports dot com's NFL draft coverage presented by axe shower I'm Oakland. Joined by Brian Billick Charles Davis we are at pick number 31 I can tell because charles' islands are getting these very very heavy over there please two more picks and not Carlos fired up. Buccaneers on the Patriots available on goes they go with the second running back taken tonight Doug Martin's you like him. Love it at any and I love him for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for this reason we one is there hammer. I mean they love him first and second down. Short yardage situations all that that's what they like about it. They don't love him on third down they'll love an obvious passing situations that a great pass catcher not a great pass protector. Doug Martin does all three down back you name it he can do it he's an excellent pass protector we saw him do that for Kellen Moore at Boise State during creative guy also was. Special teams player of Marcus Allen Jersey the year doesn't play Marcus Allen Throwback Jersey defense for Boise State like it's tough. You have some victories. Helped secure themselves in the offensive line they've obviously addressed the wide receiver position Vincent Jackson. You know Mitchell And Ness Marcus Allen Jersey we've talked through about Josh Freeman and the continued development Josh Freeman is good quarterback. This little subtle asset and having got to protect them on third down drop the ball off on third down coming out of the backfield as wells being a good all round back. Great pickup for the quarterback a like channels for extra celebration house first draft I think this is actually was looking for. He's a tough minded coach hard nosed guy in building the team kind of in the image that he wants anyway and that will help move them forward. For all your draft coverage featured Cuba logged on right here to fox sports stack comes and felt. They have covered presented by Howard yeah.

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