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Buono courts labor

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Governor Christie and his Democratic challenger, Barbara Buono, were both playing to their perceived strengths while campaigning on Wednesday as polls show the gubernatorial contest has grown tighter with only two months left.

For Christie, a firstterm Republican, that meant heading back down to the Shore, this time promoting the reopening of a school on Long Beach Island that was heavily damaged by Superstorm Sandy last year.

Getting children back to school on time less than a year after the Oct. 29, 2012, storm was a top priority, Christie said at an event at the Beach Haven School.

makes children lives more normal, and it makes parents lives more bearable to be able to get their kids back in school, he said.

is a pretty amazing accomplishment when you think about everything that we went through and all the damage that was done, and it something we should be extremely proud of, Christie said.

In Trenton, Buono told members of Communications Workers of America Local 1039 that Christie economic policies have failed the state, resulting in a slow recovery from recession and high unemployment.

talks about unions like yours being the problem, Buono said. New Jersey, we only have one problem, and it this governor misplaced priorities. We got 60 days. We can do it. has been at the Shore for much of the last two weeks and is planning to be there again today, along with a scheduled stop at the Robert L. Craig School in Moonachie, another place hit hard by Sandy.

Christie popularity swelled as he led the state recovery from the storm, but it has fallen some in recent months as Buono has sharpened her political attacks. Still, Chris enjoys a 58 percent approval rating, according to a Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll released this week. He is beating Buono by a margin of 50 percent to 26 percent, according to the FDU poll.

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