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Webb had few hundred

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MIAMI pots, Fla. Alabama's routing of Notre Dame for its second straight national title has been overshadowed in part by a new breakout star Katherine Webb, Girlfriend of quarterback AJ McCarron and Miss Alabama USA 2012.

Webb gained tens of thousands of Twitter proponents during and after Monday night's game, When ESPN cameras visited and revisited Webb in the stands and announcer Brent Musburger piled on the adds to. As of noon the following thursday, She had lead 143,000 admirers, Trumping McCarron's 101,000. prior to game, Webb had few hundred.

"really, I'm suggesting quarterbacks: the user gets all the goodlooking women, Musburger said as your camera focused on Webb, seated with McCarron's mother. "What an attractive woman. seriously,

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett was among those who noticed Webb during the broadcast. He tweeted her his number and suggested they meet after the game. He later tweeted that he meant to message her privately.

McCarron told her after the game, Telling Docket on forums, "(hash)Betterkeepdreaming like with the rest of these dudes,

Webb, A 23yearold strategy, Told the Columbus LedgerEnquirer that she first spotted McCarron on Twitter, And they met at the begining of December when he attended the Miss Alabama USA pageant in Montgomery. The two visited over xmas and publicly confirmed their romance right before the New Year.

"(McCarron) Has such a tremendous heart. He realizes that friends and relations and the people closest to you are most important, She told the daily news.

Webb's pageant resource says she was born in Montgomery and grew up in Phenix City. Webb worked for ChickfilA as a training director in Columbus, Ga, Before moving to irvine to pursue modeling. She finished in the top 10 in the nation's pageant.

The biography also notes that Webb studied business at longtime Alabama rival Auburn higher education.

until Monday's game, Webb tweeted a photo of herself employing a jersey with McCarron's number, Her arms wrapped around the qb.

Early friday, Webb posted her first tweet to her new lovers: "So hugely blessed. (during the)10AJMcCarron. Congrats to Alabama and making times gone by! (hash)BCSChamps,

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