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all over dealing Palmer

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The oakland raiders announced Monday that they gave the Seattle Seahawks a fifthround Alex Smith Jersey draft pick in 2014 and a conditional undisclosed draft pick in 2015 for quarterback Matt Flynn.

The Raiders are also nearing a deal to send quarterback Carson Palmer to the Arizona Cardinals, to be able to multiple reports. The Raiders would get a lateround draft choice inside Cardinals for Palmer.

"I've known Matt Flynn since 2007 and scouted him before and after he entered the NFL, McKenzie said in a statement. "Matt is a tough nfl player, And a talented qb. He will get the opportunity to compete to be a starter with the Raiders. I believe Matt has that opportunities, But I also know he hasn't had enough see. we're going to let him compete and battle, And see how things go about. We know Raider Nation wants a team that can compete for the playoffs yearin and yearout and we're putting in the data that is work right now to make that happen. This is in to the space decisions in that process,

Flynn is coming his sixth NFL season. He did not start Nike Alex Smith Jersey a game until his fourth season with Alex Smith Jersey Ebay Green Bay. In two career gets started, He basically finished 55 of 81 passes for 731 yards with nine touchdowns and two interceptions. to summarize, He has took part in 37 games and completed 87 Alex Smith Black Jersey of 141 passes for 1,083 meters, Nine touchdowns since five interceptions a 92.0 passer standing.

The Raiders have been searching for a way to deal with Palmer's scheduled $13 million salary for 2013. Flynn arrives $5.25 million. The Raiders apparently want to restructure Flynn's contract, Which is worth higher $11.5 million over the following two years.

Flynn was a encouragement in Green Bay and Seattle. The Seahawks planned to start Flynn yr after after signing him as a free agent, But he was beaten out for the job by rookie Russell Wilson. With Palmer not expected to be a Raider, Flynn's main ethnic background for the starting spot is Terrelle Pryor.

Palmer, 33, plonked for 4,018 yards with 22 touchdowns and 14 interceptions yr after. Kevin Kolb, Last year's beginner in Arizona, Agreed to a twoyear deal with the Buffalo Bills over the weekend.

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