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I felt like we was released strong

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Defense and smart offense were the factor as the 49ers beat the Arizona Cardinals 243 on Monday Night football. QB Alex Smith was almost perfect in making all passes going 18 for 19, 232 passing gardens and three touchdowns. His completion cut of 94.7 set the NFL record for highest in a game that is at least 15 attempts. Out of Crabtree's five grabs, Four were in third down and Crabtree changed three of those chances. really third down Crabtree didn't convert was on 3rd 22, But Crabtree gained 21 yards on the play organizing a David Jamaal Charles Black Jersey Akers 43yard field goal. That gave the 49ers a first 100 lead.

"I felt like we was released strong, Doing what we were designed to do tonight, said Crabtree. "It's frustrating when you don't get the ball, But you desire to make plays. along with a a limited amount of touches, You need to take advantage of them,

Smith connected with Randy Moss for a 47yard touchdown for the third of the game. Moss's landing catch, that has been his only reception of the game, Showed the NFL world that the 35year old still had some more moves in his arsenal. Moss caught the pass around a 10yard out route, Took a pivot in the field and made two juke moves, Eluding two defenders before sprinting down the sideline unmarked for the score.

"The intent of the particular pass was to convert the third down, Said jones. Jamaal Charles Jersey "eventually Randy Moss was off. There were great transformations all night,

On the preventative side of the ball, The 49ers held the Cardinals to merely seven rushing yards and 265 total yards. John Skelton was bettered as he was sacked four times bingo. The Cardinals completely abandoned the running game in the better half. They had nine running plays the particular game and Skelton had 52 passing attempts.

Larry Fitzgerald was shut down by Jamaal Charles Jersey Ebay the 49ers' defense throughout the night, Only getting five catches and 52 experiencing yards with minimal effect. Andre Roberts became the lead receiver for the Cardinals with seven receptions for 65 yards.

"We have a ton of great guys on our defensive side of the ball, Said tanker Willis. "These guys are detailed in watching and staring at the other team. It's amazing to be a point about this team as everyone worked their tails off,

The 49ers started the scoring for world of warcraft by running the ball with Frank Gore. He ran the ball three times for a combined 37 yards to lead to the 49ers' first score. The second score by Crabtree came for tight ends Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker.

They never had to look back as the defense took care of business the complete game. LaRod StephensHowling had only six yards and incapacitated from eight carries. Patrick Peterson was shut down in the return game with only 15 yards on four punt returns. It was a dominant sexual performance by all three phases of the 49ers team.

Harbaugh was pleased with what he saw from the team. It was a solid road win and a great effort from everyone on the c's.

"it is good team victory, rumoured Harbaugh. "We trialled good games before, But this was a great ranking against a tough foe on the road. Jenkins, RB LaMichael jeremy, S Trenton brown, G Joe Looney and NT Ian Williams were all inactive for the game. This was Jacobs's seventh game of being inactive after being listed as active resistant to the Seattle Seahawks in the team's last game.

G Daniel Kilgore was injured with a concussion during the midst of a kickoff return. He didn't return for the rest of the game.

Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter combined for 98 yards on the surface Majority of this was in the first half.

The Cardinals had 290 yards through air, But much of it was in the other half when the team was Nike Jamaal Charles Jersey trying to catch up. Only one screen to LaRod StephensHowling was good early on.

Alex Smith was sacked four time, But the offensive line gave him plenty of time to throw the ball. They did a good job with less hurries and were strong in pass policy cover. Smith was sacked due to good insurance protection by the Cardinals' secondary.

The pass sporting for the 49ers was solid. John Skelton was forced to roam around to cover and he was sacked four times.

The 49ers altered all their red zone trips into touchdowns. The passing plays were working and the team only settled for a field goal outside the 20 yard line.

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