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Nike Lebron 11 NSW Lifestyle Basketball Shoes Top 10 Air Jordans

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Top 10 Air Jordans Nate Robinson should wear for the Denver Nuggets Image: @naterobinsonNate Robinson recently signed a two-year deal with the Denver Nuggets, thereby signaling the end of his epic run with the Chicago Bulls. Sure, it only lasted Nike Lebron 11 NSW Lifestyle. Basketball Shoes season, but it was one that sneakerheads will never forget as Robinson was seemingly determined to rock every black and red Air Jordan colorway C at least of the AJ1-AJ14 variety C possible. He even managed to have a few memorable playoff moments in the Air Jordan 13 Playoffs, including one performance that had some over enthusiastic fans on our Twitter account petitioning to change the nickname to the Air Jordan 13 Nate Robinson. Kids…But while the sun has set on the Nates tenure with the Bulls (he also managed to wear the Rising Sun 12s in Chicago), he is moving on to a team with a color scheme that matches up nicely with plenty Nike Lebron 11 NSW Lifestyle. Basketball Shoes Air Jordans with a North Carolina theme. So for the first time since Carmelo Anthonys first few years in league, we finally have somebody who will rock plenty of powder blue retro Jordan heat.There are so many Air Jordan with Carolina connections to choose from that it was hard to narrow it down to 10, but thats what we do around here at Kicks On Fire, so here are some of the Air Jordans that we hope will make a comeback now that a true sneakerhead like Nate is on the Denver Nuggets.10. Air Jordan 12 Carmelo Anthony PEs Jordan Team 1 White/University Blue(Sorry, Melo, Nate loves 12s so its almost a guarantee hell wear those 12 PEs you rocked during your rookie year, so this is my small way of bringing attention to the Jordan Team 1, which much like many of the early Brand Jordan releases, is extremely underrated and deserves a retro release. Get on it, JB.)


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