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Family recipe in unique jar fun gift for daughter

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Q: I wanted to do something special for my daughter when I go out to see her this weekend. It seems we don get to spend a lot of time together lately. She at the point where she busy getting her career started and doesn have as much time to hang out with mom. I very proud of her and would like to do something special with her. Do you have a creative DIY we can do together? Rose

It sounds like you have a great girls weekend ahead of you! DIYs that lead to quality time with family and friends are always the most treasured ones. When it comes to a motherdaughter weekend, I think a family recipe sharing day is always fun. Why not take your famous chocolate chip cookie recipe and share it with her? Better yet, bring it to her as a gift with all the dry ingredients to make the cookies inside a beautiful mason jar. This ensures you don get there ready to bake your heart out and realize her university days have left her without the basic ingredients to make a sandwich, let alone a sheet of yummy cookies.

Mason jar cookie recipeWrite your D.J.Hayden Jersey Ebay family recipe on the inside of the card with a Nike D.J.Hayden Jersey special note for your daughter. This card can be posted on her fridge or in her recipe box for future referral. Slip the card in an envelope with the name of the recipe on it.

Step 3:

There you have it, a family recipe in D.J.Hayden Jersey a jar! Bring the jar with its card to your daughter during your next visit and enjoy hours of baking fun!

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