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experience solid light

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Press Release Victoria University of Wellington

New Yorkbased artist Anthony McCall is to transform. the striking architectural spaces of Victoria Universitys Adam Art Gallery in an upcoming exhibition of light installations.

As a headline event in the 2010 NZ International Arts Festival visual arts programme, the Adam Art Gallery exhibition Anthony McCall: Drawing with Light is the first time New Zealand audiences will be able to experience his unique solid light films.

"Simply you must physically experience the work of Anthony McCall. This exhibition will enable audiences here the opportunity to encounter the work of one of the most experientially enriching artists of our time," says Adam Art Gallery curator Christina Barton.

"There is no doubt that the labyrinthine spaces of the Adam Art Gallery will play perfect host to McCall luminous projections."

McCall has been testing the limits of film for nearly 40 years, redefining cinema as an immersive experience of projected light in real space.

He began his career in the 1970s, making experimental films and Matt Flynn Black Jersey performance works using simple elements such as fire, light, and smoke to map time and space. He was an active figure in the experimental art and film scenes in both London and New York.

After much critical acclaim and attention in the late 1970s McCall withdrew from making art, spending the next 20 years running his own graphic design business and producing a number of art publications.

It is only recently that he has returned to producing his light art works, which have taken on new shape with the advent of digital technology and the availability of haze machines.

Along with staging McCalls major solid light installations, the exhibition will also include drawings, notations and photographs to offer insights into the full range of his output and working process.

Anthony McCall will present a lecture on his work at Nike Matt Flynn Jersey the Denis and Verna Adam Auditorium, City Gallery, Wellington at 6pm on Wednesday 24 February 2010.

In conjunction with the New Zealand Film Archive, the Adam Art Gallery will also present a nottobemissed oneoff opportunity to view McCall first solid light film Line Describing a Cone (1973) at the Wellington Town Hall at 7pm on Thursday 11 March 2010.

"Line Describing a Cone (1973) is justly famous in the history of avantgarde film for its reduction of the cinematic experience to its core ingredients: projected light in physical space," says curator Christina Barton.

"For 30 minutes a beam of light from a 16mm film projector draws a perfect circle on a distant screen. In the space between a solid cone takes shape as light particles cling to dust and smoke in the atmosphere. Transforming the viewers usual passive relation to the medium, this work invites active Matt Flynn Jersey Ebay participation."

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