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Elephant Polo Match Canceled In India

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JAIPUR, India An elephant polo match has been Denarius Moore Jersey Ebay canceled in the northern Indian city of Jaipur after animal rights activists objected that the sport was cruel to the animals.

The group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals called the cancellation of Sunday's match "a victory for the elephants."

Beer giant Carlsberg India had yanked its sponsorship of the Polo Cup in the northern state of Rajasthan after protests, Jaipur District Magistrate Naveen Mahajan said.

Officials also noted the elephants were not properly registered as performing animals.

Polo played on elephants instead of horses is a popular novelty sport in Nepal, India and Thailand, and it has been staged in Jaipur for about four decades.

Activists say poloplaying elephants, Denarius Moore Jersey however, are trained through harsh means including being poked with metal rods and hooks.

Elephants are protected in India, where there are more than two dozen sanctuaries for wild tuskers.

Elephants are one of the most sensitive, cognitive, social and gentle animals on earth. Elephants are not meant to be kept in captivity and away from their herds.

According to Daphne Sheldrick of Nairobi nursery of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the world's most successful orphanelephant rescue and rehabilitation center, elephants "are born with a genetic memory and are extremely social animals," she says. "They intuitively know to be submissive before elders, and the females are instinctively maternal, even from a very young age. Whenever we get Denarius Moore Black Jersey a new baby here, the others will come around and lovingly put their trunks on its back to comfort it. They have such big hearts.".

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