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Then we'll get another player that can for that one play

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breach. this is the promise of Marty Mornhinweg, The new Jets offensive advisor, Who brings his West Coast structure to a team that, presumably, Will again have Mark Sanchez at the operates. "We're gonna go after people,'' Mornhinweg said in comments posted yesterday on the Jets' website, His first public remarks since Rex Ryan hired him to restore the fired Tony Sparano. "There are different ways Nike Donnie Avery Jersey to go after people, But we'll go after 'em and we'll play to our players' strengths rather than concerning ourselves too much about their weaknesses. If a man can't do that, Then we'll get another player that can for that one play, The key to Mornhinweg's failure or success with the Jets will be his ability to turn around Sanchez' declining career, Which took a severe nosedive during last year's 610 crash landing. Mornhinweg has worked with gifted quarterbacks such as Brett Favre and Steve Young and, recently, Tried to coax more consistency out of michael vick with the Eagles. throughout next is Sanchez. "what are the great ones have really not thrown for such great accuracy,'' claimed Mornhinweg, Who in reports met last night with Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib. "Steve Young was astronomical accuracywise. Brett Favre wasn't. Donnie Avery Jersey They all come in Donnie Avery Black Jersey different styles. Those guys that throw for a small amount less accuracy typically generating a little bigger plays on occasion. There's a sprinkle of a tradeoff there.''

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