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Panini America's vice chairman of Marketing

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The sticker collection features NFL megastars and rookies from all 32 NFL teams, for example Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, Brett Favre and tim Tebow. "Collecting and trading stickers is the basis of the worldwide Panini brand, Said Panini our great country CEO Mark Warsop. as well as,

As part of the state release, Panini America officials will dispense more than 20,000 NFL sticker albums via promotional kits fed to Pop Warner programs nationwide. The first Pop Warner program to complete two full sticker albums will win a helmet grant and a look and feel by a local NFL player, to help raise awareness for onfield safety and concussion prevention.

"We felt a promotion that encourages and introduces NFL Sticker collecting should also include an effort to promote safety on football fields at the youth level the cabability to utilize stickers and raise awareness of the seriousness of concussions in football is a winwin situation, Said jason Howarth, Panini America's vice chairman of Marketing.

Panini has also exclusively partnered with The Boston Globe show them the NFL sticker collection and generate excitement around collecting. Newspaper to partner with Panini on these kinds of initiative. your monthlong promotion, Panini will weight 460,000 NFL sticker albums into Sunday, april 24th edition, followed by 1.4 million sheets of NFL stickers in the Sunday editions between October 31st and nov 14th. Specially marked sticker sheet will be included that grants one lucky winner a meet and greet with an NFL player and visiting a local school of the winner's choice.

Panini's normal 72page NFL sticker album retails for $2, And packs of eight stickers service for $1. catalogue includes 560 unique stickers 400 glossy, 100 holographic foil and 60 jewelry foil stickers.

The Panini party, made almost 50 years ago in Modena, Italy and has subsidiaries in Europe, Latin America and the states. With regular licenses for NBA, national football league, NHL, FIFA, disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros. And other key properties from many other licensors. Has submitting channels in more than 100 countries and employs a staff of over 800. you may even follow Panini America on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and on youtube.

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