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Julio Jones very fast impresses Falcons' staff

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flowery BRANCH, Ga. (AP) Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith believes Julio Jones even disposition will be a big asset in the rookie preseason debut.the Georgia Dome will be loud when the Falcons face Miami on Friday night, Smith would love the NFL No. 6 overall draft pick and other Atlanta newcomers to follow the coaching staff edict work within the scheme and try not to do anything astonishing,I think those guys receive excited, But we to keep it at the job at hand, And that to make certain that we go out and execute and don go crazy, Smith said this week. "Execute our scheme and not try rrn making plays. The plays may come, And that what the young guys definitely will try to do,Jones knows it critical that he treat the preseason opener as activities like a live practice against the Dolphins. He needs to give the intensity he shown in training camp but not to exceed his role,I pretty good with everything else right now, But I need to be great at it, Jones said friday. "I still have a lot of room for development,Working on a high school field during the NFL lockout helped Jones establish a rapport with qb Matt Ryan. When camp started and the Falcons released starting receiver Michael Jenkins, Jones was an immediate starter.Ryan appreciates Jones eagerness to study film and work precisely in practice shows a maturity level that missing from some rookies with great skills. But in a passing plan that relies a lot on playaction, Ryan needs Leon Sandcastle Black Jersey Jones to click on the lead of receiver Roddy White and tight end Tony Gonzalez, A pair of Pro Bowl targets who Leon Sandcastle Jersey rarely miss placements in games,Julio has a great comprehension of how to run routes and how to get open, But in our offense you got to be in the right spot at the perfect time, Ryan told me. "So I think that kind of been the biggest thing for him is knowing route depths, The landmarks on the field and how to get to those in the correct quantity of time. It takes the tiniest bit of time to learn that. It really does, But he probably picked it up as fast as anybody I been around,Jones understands that he no different from other rookies trying to adjust to the speed of the NFL. Now that he no longer lined against college cornerbacks, Jones knows it will be challenging at times to do his job,each all about timing here, Jones stated. "The ball is out Matt hands before I escape, And it only going to be there every time. If I go and fall, It might be an interception or something, So it very fundamental,Smith is grateful that Ryan and Jones worked together throughout the lockout, On the field during 7on7 drills and at Ryan house afterward to discuss what they practiced and what they need to accomplish,I thought they did a decent job, Hearing immediately after they got back here, What they were able test and what they were able to get installed, jackson said. "Julio got time with Matt, And I think that a plus because in a few instances across the league, A quarterback might not have had time to work as much as those two guys Nike Leon Sandcastle Jersey have worked,Jones, Whose Alabama career began in a seasonopening game at the georgia Dome, Does plan to take a quick moment Friday and soak in the appearance of his first time in an NFL uniform.

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