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KD Basketball Shoes 2014 Bill Self leads

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Bill Self leads young, athletic Kansas team into recharge season We talked about Andrew Wiggins, certainly. Itd be ridiculous to have a conversation with coach Bill Self about Kansas basketball without that name coming up, without his potential KD Basketball Shoes 2014 on the 2014 Jayhawks being considered at length. Wiggins, though, was not the only KU player who spent a good deal of June on campus in Lawrence. He was not the only player who made a positive impression upon his coaches. And he was not the only player referenced when Self told Sporting News, This KD Basketball Shoes 2014 without question the most athletic team weve had. Wiggins surely was a major reason for that assessment, though. This is the second year in which college basketball coaches have been allowed to work with their players on a limited basis while they are enrolled in summer school. That has been hugely Nike Zoom KD 5 this summer for Self, who is replacing nearly an entire team with a group of players who had either supporting roles, minor roles, no roles in the case of six freshman recruits and one graduate transfer, business elsewhere as Kansas was winning its ninth consecutive Big 12 championship last winter. Bill Self is 300-59 since coming to Kansas in 2003. (AP Photo)


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