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Lebron XI 2013 Alan Pardew ‘Total Sport’ .

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Alan Pardew ‘Total Sport’ interview transcript. part Lebron XI 2013 Shoes << Part one Part three >> .Yesterday, Newcastle United manager, Alan Pardew, gave a rare interview to BBC Radio Newcastles Total Sport. Including quite a few questions from the fans as well as questions from the studio, it was long and very revealing. I have endevoured to transcribe the interview for your reading pleasure below. Here is part two. For Part One, follow the link here, or use the navigation at the top and bottom of this piece. Here we go!Total Sport: What would you see as progression this season, bearing in mind you were very nearly a top ten team last season and that was way beyond alot of people s expectations at the beginning of the season Alan Pardew: Well if I m honest, after we lost Andy Carroll and someone said we d finish where we did, I d have been highly delighted cause I think we was running short, especially of offensive players, but the players did absolutely brilliantly. We had players performing above their level, which is what you ve got to achieve. Now if we could do that with a stronger squad, now if you look at it, we have signed three players, but probably the most important player is Ben Arfa, because if we keep him fit and we get the best out of him, we could have a special talent there, so in actual fact, for me personally I ve got four new players. Total Sport: And Gosling as well. Alan Pardew: And Gosling as well who I haven t seen much of even on the training ground so, you know, we re in such a better position than last year and so there s progression in terms of the quality, but of course that s got to be backed up by results, and you will be the first to know that s how we live and die in our game so it s very very important that the trading that we do is reflected on the pitch. Total Sport: How is Dan Gosling s Nike Lebron X Kay Yow now then Alan Pardew: Well Dan s reported back, he s been in America training all through the summer, he s a committed, really good professional and I think if we could just steer clear of an impact injury I think he ll be OK because he s stronger now than he s ever been. Total Sport listener Scourge : What does Alan think about playing the derby so soon in the season, the second game of the season. Is that a good or bad thing Alan Pardew: I think I d have preferred us to be at home the first time you play in a big derby, I think, because it s obviously an advantage for Sunderland. Once you ve won the first game then it s a little bit easier in the second game I think for your players. So it s a very important game for us, that we get a result there and you know, last year we were so unlucky not to win that game. I really felt that looking back on that fixture we should have won that game 2-0 really. So we can go there with good confidence, but we re coming off the back of a tough home game (Arsenal). It s a really tough start for us, especially with new players, so it s something you ve got to look forward to though, brilliant games. Total Sport: Marco (Gabbiadini), you thought Sunderland were worth the draw on that occaision, didn t you You argued the point with Ando (John Anderson) long and hard. Marco Gabbiadini: I think Sunderland did, in spells they did well in that game, I didn t think that did maybe enough to win it. It was hyped a little bit from certain quarters that Sunderland were overunning that game but it was a close game and we got out of jail really at the end but, phphph, we start off with Liverpool away (it s actually Arsenal at home) and then that game, two massive games to start the season with. I don t know, for me I think that the build up to those games overshadows too many games sometimes. We re looking forward to it four or five weeks in LeBron 10 Black Suede At least this time we ve only got one game to get out the way before we get to it and get it out the way, massive fixture I know, but as last season for me as a player maybe you can overlook the importance of that game. It s six points out of a possible, what s six times thirty eight Mick Mick: Too many (laughter). Two hundred and something. Total Sport listener Gordon : Hello chaps. Next season, how are you going to evolve Newcastle s style. of play because at Southampton and Reading you were sort of like, is the word Keeganesque a fair comparison Total Sport: (more laughter) Don t go there Al whatever you do! Alan Pardew: Oh Gawd! That s a tough one. If I can just say this on the playing side: Alot of games last year we did very very well in terms of the result, but we didn t control the proceedings too often. Cabaye in particular I think will help us in that mode. He s a keeper of the ball, he s a manoeverer of the ball I think, and hopefully with Joey as well, we ve got players who can dictate the tempo of the game, and therefore we can keep possession more. We was turning over possession far too easily last year and that s something we ll be working on, and winning the ball back. Obviously, if you keep it for longer spells, like Barcelona to the extreme prove, that if you keep it, and you work the opposition, when you give away you have so much more energy to get it straight back, so that s a balance we need to get better next year. If we do that, and I thought at times we was pretty positive in all the games we went into. If we can keep that positivity with keeping the ball, that s the key to consistency and great results in the Premiership. Total Sport: You doo seem on paper though to have alot more flair at your disposal this pre-season than last season. Alan Pardew: Yeah, I thinks that s fair to say and I think we ve got talent as well, and you know we ve still got some key players from last year as well. You know it s another Premier League year for Colo, and Steven Taylor s back to form. and Willo (Mike Williamson) had a great year. Shola had a good year and we ve got players who are coming off the back of a good season. It all adds to the mix. The third and concluding part will be along soon!<< Part one Part three >> .


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