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Bar won't show games with Vick

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The Michael Vick backlash has stretched all the way to a sports bar in Northern Idaho.

Steve Coffman, who owns Slates Prime Time Grill and Sports Bar in Sandpoint, said he is boycotting the Eagles and its corporate sponsors including the makers of both Coors and Miller beer until the team releases Vick, according to the Bonner County Daily Bee.

just about had it, he told the newspaper. you look at some of these sports players and what they do and what they get away with . and we as consumers just seem to turn a blind eye every time this goes on. I think I just reached a point where I said, had enough of this. bar will no longer show Eagles games and no longer serve Coors Light, its most popular beer.

think I have to just make a stand, even though we way up here in northern Idaho, he said. a lot more businesses and bar owners are going to make that same stand. other Vickrelated news, Byron Parker can now add another line to his athletic resume.

NCAA slam dunk champion.

Twotime CFL allstar

Player the Eagles cut to sign Michael Vick.

But Parker is not bitter to have his chance at the NFL end. He rejoined the Toronto Argonauts this week after his release last Thursday. Parker said the Eagles called him Monday, asking him to return, but he was already committed to coming back to Canada.

"If I was the Eagles, I would cut Byron Parker for Michael Vick, too," Parker told the National Post in Canada. "Actually, Michael Vick is on my Christmas list, you know? He got me back home. I look at it as a positive. It's never a negative thing when you get a chance to come home. I'll definitely be sending a Christmas card to Michael Vick, saying 'Thank you.'"

Parker said he was at the Eagles complex last Friday to turn in his playbooks and pack his gear and saw the protesters outside the gates. His reaction:

"I'm happy for him, but I feel bad for him at the same time, for what he's about to go through, what he's about to endure," Parker said. "I mean, c'mon, man. The man's paid his debt to society. I love dogs. My family has lots of dogs. But you know, at the end of the day, he's served his time. Leave him alone."

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