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NFL reveals preseason timetable

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san francisco, ny (Sports cell tower network) The Super Bowl XVII champion Baltimore Ravens will be part of one of 11 games televised nationally during the NFL's 2013 preseason schedule, that is announced Thursday.

The Ravens will host the Carolina Panthers on wed, august. 22 the actual third week of the preseason, When teams most commonly play their regulars into the third quarter.

The league had already presented last month that the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins will open up the slate in the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, oh, that is to be held on Sunday, august. 4.

All 12 of last year's playoff people will have one preseason contest broadcasted nationally, With three games reviewing clubs that both reached the postseason in 2012.

The defending NFC champion san fran 49ers will host the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, august. 25, With another headliner taking place two days earlier when the Seattle Seahawks visit the Green Bay Packers in the teams' first encounter since last September's controversial lastsecond win by the Seahawks in Seattle.

A clash between reigning NFC South champion Atlanta Falcons and the Cincinnati Bengals at the Georgia Dome highlights the preseason's opening week, With that game to happen on Thursday, aug. 8.

Other notable nationally televised matchups include Indianapolis visiting the new york giants on Sunday, august. 18; houston hosting Pittsburgh on Monday, aug. 19 and Peyton Manning's denver broncos taking on the visiting St. Louis Rams on friday, august. 24.

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