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The Lamar coaches thought we are there for Quizz

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"That was one of the biggest things to ever happen in my coaching career, Was prospecting those guys, Riley had said. "James was unrecruited close to. The Lamar coaches thought we are there for Quizz, And we didn't even know who he was,

Smithson Valley star prospects: Smithson Valley coach brought Rangers running back out to visit aided by the Beavers, Who are one of three teams who watch out for an offer to the 6foot1, 230pound senior citizen. Hill said he also expects Arkansas to gain access to the mix now that Mattison's academic situation has improved.

resembling Horns: The Beavers have dressed up their scout team by outfitting them with Longhorns jerseys, Something they rarely do.

Poehlmann get started with: Texas coach and offensive playcaller Major Applewhite both said this week that senior lineman include the pick to start for injured guard.

Poehlmann has been the Longhorns' top backup at every guard and tackle position your past two seasons, too has played some tight end. UT also will provide some playing time to redshirt freshman Sedrick Flowers.

Hopkins, Who was UT's most enduring lineman as a junior, Is out for the bowl game and for spring practice after going under the knife to repair a stress fracture in his leg.

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