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His skis are hung up for ever

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With 20 career gold medals on the earth Cup freestyle. skiing aerials circuit, He is simply one victory away from matching Lloyd Langlois' alltime record of 21.

And an Olympic medal would cap a resume together with four world championship medals and four overall World Cup titles.

But if the door remained open to a possible return to the sport a year ago "I'm leaving the doorway open for 2014, But not a huge door, He told The Nugget in June 2010 Omischl has too many other considerations on the go to pull a Brett Favre.

His skis are hung up for ever.

In his first full season away from challenge following his swan song eighthplace finish at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Omischl became involved in coaching the sport and is working toward completing a university degree.

"I am healthy and fit enough to (Try a comeback), But I just don't think I have the heart anymore to put in the hours, Omischl said Saturday after the state opening of North Bay's multifield sports complex in his honour. "I know I'll never be as nice as I was, Just because of age and other elements in life.

"even though I'm healthy and fit, I wouldn't want to disrespect my own career by meeting at a lower calibre than I was in my 2010 season. I just couldn't live with myself knowing I wasn't jumping or perhaps I did that year,

the first time since he attended a waterramp training session in Lake Placid at age 15 and fell in love with aerials, Omischl spent the winter without strapping on the skis both competitively.

But now based in Salt Lake City, He did remain close to the sport through coaching some upandcoming Canadian athletes and he was right there on the sidelines when former Canadian teammate Warren Shouldice landed a perfect jump to win gold at the 2011 world titles at Deer Valley, ut, In feb,march.

"That was pretty darn cool, Omischl said of observing Shouldice win. "It's hard being on the side lines, probably, On especially if they days. They had prefect weather that night and those is the time I miss. The days where it's windy and snowing and hard retraining days, i would not miss those at all. I'm having a lot of fun now doing other things to miss the tough days,

While Omischl has spent time practicing with young athletes in Canada's development program, He has also recently started hiring some of Australia's nationalteam athletes.

Australia has produced some worldclass aerialists lately, which included 2010 Olympic women's aerials champion Lydia Lassila.

Omischl is considering a fulltime coaching position with the Australian program through to the 2014 Sochi olympic games, but then is "divided" Between resuming a coaching career and a finish school.

"I'm definitely going back for the fall semester at UBC in Kelowna, he explained. "I'll definitely get through December and then I'll decide if I want to be on the road (teaching) Or if I want to be home more.

"In future, I'll always revisit Canada. But instantly, The position is a better learning situation for me with Australia than it's also possible to in Canada. I know what the Canadian system has to offer and I know the coaches I'd be working with and I think it's a better opportunity for me to work with the Australians I'll learn more and I'll be given more responsibility sooner and that's kind of what I'm after.

"I like being around high achievers. I'd love to go back to the growth stream, But chances are, I'm too close to high performance to not want to (Stay called for),

The quick trip back to North Bay over the weekend allowed Omischl to bring things "Full round" And reacquaint with former coaches such as James Forsyth and Luc champagne, While also getting to spend time with friends and relations.

He grew up in North Bay admiring local Olympians such as Barb Olmsted and Kate Pace and having the town's new multifield sports complex named in his honour was a "surreal" working experience.

"To know a sports complex of this calibre was named after me most certainly touching honour, he said. "it is difficult to put into words. I know how fortunate we are to have something like this in our community and it gives me a great sense of pride to know I'm that comes with it in some little way,

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