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Barber Not Running Like a Retiree

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Barber Not Running Like a Retiree

T. Barber Not Running Like a Retiree

IRVING, Kevin Burnett Black Jersey Tex.New York Giants tailback Tiki Barber ran for 114 yards in Monday night's win over the Dallas Cowboys in his first game since saying last week that he intends to retire following the season.

Barber berated a columnist from one New York newspaper after the game for expressing the opinion last week that Barber had created an unnecessary distraction for the defending NFC East champions, who moved back into first place Monday.

The running back's teammates took up for him.

"I don't think it was a distraction," quarterback Eli Manning said. "It didn't distract the players. It's all about next year, and this is this year. This is right now. To come in here and get a win, that's big."

The Giants won their third straight game since their record fell to 12 with an uninspired loss in Seattle that led tight end Jeremy Shockey to say immediately afterward that the club had been outcoached as well as outplayed. The Giants had a bye week after that defeat, and have been a different ream since.

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