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Basketball prodigy Jabari Parker tells

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Basketball prodigy Jabari Parker tells reporters he's not yet 100 percent certain Cheap Jerseys on college decision

Prior to the game, Parker was asked about the Dec. 20 announcement date he had set and when he knew which college he would attend to play basketball.

"Not right now," Parker told ESPN's Dave Telep. "I'm kind of iffy. I'm still balancing things out. I have second opinions that I'm just learning from my family trying to see if Wholesale NFL Jerseys the right decision I'm going to make is there. But right now, it's not all the way 100 percent."

Simeon Career Academy coach Robert Smith told ESPN Chicago, "I think he's 90 percent sure if he's not 100 percent sure on where he wants to go." Cheap Jerseys

Parker's father, Sonny, had told USA Today he believed Wholesale Jerseys his son had "probably" narrowed his list of five schools to Michigan State and Duke. Parker disputed that in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, saying, "that's not true" and that he was still considering Brigham Young, Florida and Stanford as well.

"I still have doubts, so I'm not fully there," Parker told the newspaper about making the decision by the time he holds a press conference at his high school Dec. 20. "But I'll have it by

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