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'If you were going to return

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"everyone I talked to said, 'If you were going to return, This is an ideal fit'. I feel like I could lend some knowledge, Favre said at a news seminar Tuesday night.

The Vikings signed a deal with the qb on Tuesday.

"we believe adding a player such as Brett Favre to our mix will be a strong positive for this football team, Vikings coach Brad Childress said in a news bring out. "As we have conveyed before, His unique expertise in our system, The NFC North and his Dolphins Dion Jordan Jersey innate skills make this a rare moment,

"When Brad called last night (thursday), it turned out like. 'It's now or for no reason,'" Favre proclaimed. "I think I made the fitting decision. I really do. Time will tell,

Favre said his prospects are high in the team.

"i didn't come here to lose. Dion Jordan Black Jersey We Dion Jordan Jersey White can be as good as you want to be, The quarterback said.

issues the plane landed at Holman Field Airport in St. john, Minn, Late tuesday morning, And Favre was driven by Childress right to the Vikings training facility.

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