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Back came Brees because Saints

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Drew Brees threw for 296 metres and three touchdowns, Jonathan Vilma developed two huge defensive plays, And the Saints continued perfect with another tight win, 2623 for several pesky Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Garrett Hartley won it on a 38yard field goal obtaining a 4:42 staying after the Falcons rallied from 14 points down. The offensiveminded new orleans saints (130) Then turned to defense to preserve another victory Vilma created an interception, Then doled out a big fourthdown hit on Jason Snelling to finish off the Falcons' final drive.

all Falcons (67) Lost for the sixth time in eight games and their playoff hopes resemble over. Atlanta played without any two of its biggest stars, qb Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner, Both out for the second week in a row with damage.

a week ago, New Orleans appeared on the verge of losing until buenos aires missed a chipshot field goal in regulation. The Saints got out a 3330 win in overtime.

While again neglecting to score many style. points, New Orleans set a team record for wins in a season, Clinched a firstround bye in the playoffs and moved a step closer to ensuring homefield advantage within the NFC playoffs.

Brees had another big game with a 31of40 functioning that included a pair of touchdown passes to Reggie Bush and another to Marques Colston.

The Saints was pulling away when Brees hooked up with Bush on a 21yard score to cap the opening possession of the second half, continually pushing New Orleans to a 239 lead.

But Atlanta shifted back. Michael Jenkins hauled in a 50yard touchdown pass from Chris Redman, The Falcons' defense forced New Orleans' lone punt of this sport and Snelling powered in from the 4 to tie the game at 23 with 12:56 outstanding.

Back came Brees because Saints. Looking as though they intended to run off a lot of the clock, They designed their longest drive of the game, another 16plthaty, 63yard march that finally stalled at the Atlanta 20 after an purposive grounding call on Brees.

Hartley, Who had earlier missed a bonus of point, Knocked through his second field goal to put the Saints ahead for great.

Atlanta had a couple of chances to pull out an dubious win. Vilma stopped both of them.

First, The linebacker dropped into coverage to pick off a pass that Redman ideal for Roddy White over the middle. The Saints failed to score any points off that miscue, Attempting a fake field goal that didn't work.

The Falcons were approaching fieldgoal range when they faced fourthand2 at the New Orleans 46 with just over a minute remaining. Redman chucked short to Snelling, But Vilma plastered the running back for only a 1yard gain.

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