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Does lime kiln affect the energy conservation of fuel?

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 The lime industry is a significant carbon dioxide emitter. The manufacture of one tonne of calcium oxide involves decomposing calcium carbonate, with the formation of 785 kg of CO2 in some applications, such as when used as mortar; this CO2 is later re-adsorbed as the mortar goes off. Additionally, if the heat supplied to form. the lime (3.75 MJ/kg in an efficient kiln) is obtained by burning fossil fuel it will release CO2: in the case of coal fuel 295 kg/t; in the case of natural gas fuel 206 kg/t. The electric power consumption of an efficient plant is around 20 kWh per tonne of lime. This additional input is the equivalent of around 20 kg CO2 per ton if the electricity is coal-generated. Thus, total emission may be around 1 tonne of CO2 for every tonne of lime even in efficient industrial plants, but is typically 1.3 t/t.However, if the source of heat energy used in its manufacture is a fully renewable source, such as solar, wind, hydro or even nuclear, and depending on the ultimate use of the lime there may be no net emission of CO2.[citation needed] Less energy is required in production per weight than portland cement, primarily because a lower temperature is required.

Burned lime fuel very extensive, solid fuels, fuel gas, liquid fuel, but new technology of kiln, which fuel combustion principle is the most economic, which fuel is more advantageous to the environmental protection, which can save energy more fuel is a new technology of kiln key. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is a large-sized clay rotary kiln, mineral high frequency screen manufacturer, and the mining equipment we researched and developed with great concentration plays an active role in the mining and ore benefication industry and is one of the indispensable mining crushing equipment in the mining industry.

Now using the universal mainly coke and coal gas. The new technology is the most ideal or gas, including blast furnace gas, converter gas, coke oven gas, calcium carbide exhaust (gas) occurrence boiler lime kiln gas is the best fuel. Because these gas fuel belong to recycle, circular economy properties. Special like coke oven gas now most radiation, and resources are very rich, followed by blast furnace gas and the third calcium carbide exhaust, these gas if used to rise, to help saved a lot of energy, and secondly environmental protection available, more important is the enterprise can receive good economic benefits. These gas burning lime kiln, if large developed, soil kilns of environmental pollution problems naturally is solved.

With fuel burned lime, how much is and its furnace type and fuel calorific value of the relevant. Calcined limestone energy is by the burning of fossil fuels, fuel the main component of the combustion process, carbon formula for C + O2 = CO2 gas fuel is calculated according to its calorific value. According to the practical experience, produces a kilogram of lime need about 960kcal heat. But because GeChang production equipment and process conditions are different may differ. Generally speaking, burn a ton of grey using bf gas to 1600m3 around, burning coke oven gas to 300m3 around. Calcium carbide exhaust gas need to 360m3 or so, 120m3 or so, occurrence boiler gas to 900m3 around.

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