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Who had stints with chicago Jets

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The NFL convert has returned to Australia to endure a calf injury and fracture in his kicking foot after an injury settlement from the Detroit Lions.

While it will be easier Graham could be picked up later in the season, The 38yearold punter yesterday conceded his odds of playing again this season were "small but effective,

"that's not me holding my breath. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life being back here in Melbourne and sinking my teeth into something else,

the first sort Geelong captain, Who had stints with chicago Jets, saints and Arizona Cardinals in the NFL, Said he thought i'd "reestablish" very little in the AFL.

"I am passionate about getting back into the AFL in some capacity, be it at club level or league level, Graham claimed.

"I feel like I've got so much to offer and have seen either side of both sports, The positives and negatives and (i am) developing a philosophy of how a football program should be run.

"But a brand new that, personal instruction, marketing, romantic relationship. haven't really worked it out. My little or no.1 priority is to spend some time with your family and get healthy and that will take care of itself,

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