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In an apostolic letter following your meeting

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If statistics are almost anything to go by, Then the Catholic Church in Africa does not have much to worry about. In 2011 a lot of Catholics across the continent grew by more than 6 million to almost 18 million.

when confronted with shrinking numbers of clerics in Europe, The African church has even to be able to export some of its priests. "The face of the world Catholic Church will soon be an African one, Pete Henriot, A Jesuit priest who worked in Africa for close to 25 years, revealed DW.

Benedict XVI well known that when he called for an "africa photo safari synod" And invited 197 African bishops to Rome in 2009 go over the church's role on the continent. It Mike Pouncey Youth Jersey was the second such talking in the church's history, The first was presided over by his forerunners, John john II.

In an apostolic letter following your meeting, Benedict noted that the church had a special role to play in addressing the continent's opportunities, from poverty and civil war to totalitarian regimes. However he failed to offer technology. because, He saw the chapel in an educative role. to be able to him, crucial tasks of the church is to "Form. upright consciences receptive to the requirements of justice,

These words offered little comfort to Catholics within the continent, Who they are under enormous pressure from local leaders. in the absence of strong opposition parties or a functioning civil society, Church leaders are often the only ones who take their governing bodies to task over corruption, Human rights abuses or manipulated elections.

When Joseph Kabila was reelected president of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2011 after a campaigned marred by violence and electoral fraud, our Archbishop of Kinshasa, Laurent Monsengwo, Said the selection results did not "mould to truth or justice,The church is yet another major provider of education and health services.

Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana was the primary early favorites, But shortly fell back

plus more than 6,400 Catholic health centers and doctor's offices or restaurants across Africa. Numerous children learn how to read and write by attending church schools.

While the church's political and social input is often much appreciated, Not all Catholics are keen on their church in everyday life.

"i prefer our church, since it is a universal church. We have one format for doing things all over the world, Caroline Kaboko informed DW. The 25yearold is a non-reflex youth leader with the Salesians of Don Bosco, A Catholic members. but yet, Authentic Mike Pouncey Jersey Many other young Catholics see this diverse. vehicles remain Catholics on paper, They worship in the growing number of evangelical churches during the continent.

Dealing with these disappointed Catholics will be a major challenge for the new pope and the church leadership, tells Caroline Kaboko. "training course of mass, Many young people would love to do things their way, spruce it up, But when the church says we emulate liturgy, They ponder over it boring and change to Pentecostal churches, She said to DW.

Another issue the new pope will Dolphins Mike Pouncey Jersey have to deal with is the positioning of the church on the use of condoms and other contraceptives. "Many students here believe that condoms can protect from HIV and AIDS. They do not understand why the church does not allow them to use condoms, Caroline Kaboko identified.

Many experts in Africa and abroad hope that, On this concern, The new pope will not follow in the footsteps of his forerunner, Benedict XVI. On his first visit to Africa in 2009, He made his position on the issue clear. "HIV and AIDS are a tragedy that cannot be overcome through the distribution of condoms which can even increase the problem, He told reporters on the flight even before it had landed on African soil.

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